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An integrated solution to provide a new digital signage experience

Discover the new business opportunities effective messages empowered by the world’s first integrated display solution can open up for you.
Integration-ready with powerful hardware and embedded solution, SSSP makes seamless delivery of content so simple and easy. Create rich, compelling multimedia content and deploy them effortlessly using Samsung MagicInfo™ S and embedded media player. With a powerful dual-core CPU and high-performance video processor, SSSP can deliver brilliant, full high-definition (FHD) quality content to engage your audience. With just one display, get everything needed to easily create, manage and deploy content when and where you need it, at a reduced total cost of operation.

Create, display, and manage content —when and where you need it in a few easy steps

Easy content creation

Create sophisticated content in a snap with built-in tools

With straightforward, embedded tools to help content developers readily create dynamic messaging, the possibilities are endless. Easily create multimedia and interactive content with pre-made templates and customise compelling messages using drag and drop feature and intuitive user interface. Even a novice can generate sophisticated messaging by simply adding content on the templates provided on the display by clicking just a few buttons on the remote controller. Content Author, a content publication tool, helps almost any author create customised templates for dynamic, captivating messaging.

Efficient content deployment

Deploy content with ease, when and where you want it

Deploying content on either a display network or a local display is simplified with Samsung MagicInfo S. Content managers can play the content directly from a USB device or from internal memory with the Plug and Play feature. With MagicInfo™ S Server, managers can schedule the display of multi-location, network-connected large format displays (LFDs) in just a few simple steps.

Simple display operation

Digital signage command and control at your fingertips

With MagicInfo S Server, display content managers can easily manage display operations for displays on a network of connected LFDs with centralized, remote functions. The MagicInfo S Server enables users to manage assets on the displays, monitor the condition of devices, and control the displays’ power, source, and volume for efficient display operation.

Simple installation with integration-ready solution

With media player embedded in the solution, SSSP enables effortless display installation and management without the help of expensive, on-site expertise. Without the need for additional PC module or content management software, users can save the cost, time, and effort in installing and managing the solution. Requiring just two cords to simply connect the display with power source and LAN cable, SSSP helps keep a neater appearance as well as save space with less clutter.

Gain more for less with just one solution

Including all components required for dynamic display, the comprehensive SSSP solution helps lower the initial investment cost, eliminating the need for additional PC module or content management software. Businesses can also reduce operating expenses with the easy-to-manage solution that requires only few personnel for management, the streamlined upgrades for lower maintenance cost, and lower annual energy consumption from using just one power cable.

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