This mobile educational solution enables your students and teachers to benefit from a broad range of education-related information on their mobile device. They include up-to-date school information, access to crucial learning resources and real-time attendance and participation trackers, all of which serve to increase your students' engagement and performance. Communication links between institutions and students can be established, helping to create a more interactive learning environment that stretches well beyond the classroom. By improving relations and increasing flexibility between parents, students and teachers, these solutions can have a positive impact on a wide variety of institutions.

Dynamic Interaction to Engage Pupils

The Samsung Smart School solution enables the instant sharing of screen content from your teachers’ tablet or PC screen to E-board and their students’ personal devices. It gives your staff greater control over their classroom, increasing student engagement and ensuring a more efficient transfer of materials to pupils. This solution facilitates the development of an interactive learning environment by offering dynamic Question & Answer sessions, and helps teachers monitor class attendance and participation, allowing them to work more independently and flexibly.

Monitoring & Screen Share

The screen-sharing feature of the Samsung Smart School can help your school meet the technological demands of the 21st-century classroom by creating a uniquely interactive learning environment. A broad range of learning support materials can be shared in real time between your teachers' E-Board and their students' devices, increasing your staff's control of content and enhancing your pupils' engagement. This solution ensures that all your students have the relevant subject matter discussed in class in front of them at every point, allowing them to learn more efficiently and creatively than ever.

Real-time Question & Answer

The real-time Question & Answer feature that is integrated into the Smart School engages your pupils in a simple and direct manner. Your students can write a question on their device which will then appear on their classmates' screens as well as on the E-Board. Teachers are able to answer the question at an appropriate time in the lesson, either orally or in written form. This response is in turn recorded in real time and displayed to all their students, serving to increase concentration and encourage participation.

Control The Teaching Environment

The monitoring and controlling feature of the Samsung Smart School allows your teachers to keep constant track of a wide variety of educational content on their pupils' screens. This ensures that every child is referring to the same information and is not distracted by irrelevant material from elsewhere. By monitoring the flow of content to their students' devices with this intuitive technology, your teaching staff can increase concentration, maintain discipline and teach more flexibly in an enhanced and interactive environment.


• Students can learn in a fun, creative and interactive manner
• The solution brings an enhanced learning environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate
• Content and resources are available both in the classroom and after school, allowing pupils to work more flexibly
• The Question & Answer tool gives students the opportunity to seek support during lessons or at home


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