Samsung School

Samsung School is a total education solution designed to delight students and teachers alike with its innovative teaching and learning tools. The innovative Samsung School solution helps teachers engage students in the learning experience and provides classroom management at heightened levels of efficiency and performance. It integrates Samsung mobile devices such as Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 and GALAXY Tab 3 10.1 with interactive learning tools, to offer more flexibility in storing, managing, and sharing educational content and student information.

Student Device Control

Teachers can better maintain students’ attention by controlling the screens on student devices and preventing students from accessing non-class-related content using the Student Device Control feature. Teachers can activate applications and content on student devices, and can lock the screens or send a block message to prevent distractions.

Screen Monitoring

Teachers can keep track of the students’ activities in the classroom and provide private coaching according to the student’s level of understanding using the Screen Monitoring feature. The feature enables teachers to remotely monitor individual student’s progress and provide individual attention more quickly in interactive ways.

Lesson Toolbar

Eliminating the need to switch between the content and Samsung School, Lesson Tool Bar enables teachers to utilize various sources, including web content and educational applications, more quickly and easily. Teachers can write on any content displayed on the screen, share screens with students, and monitor and lock the screens for enhanced engagement and focus.

Group Discussion

The Group Discussion feature using Screen Sharing allow up to six participants to simultaneously write on the screen. The real-time collaboration on the same lesson material helps students take an active part in the discussions

Separable Canvas

Split an image into separate sections and enable each member of the group to complete individual part of the assignment. Using Separable Canvas feature, the group leader combines those split sections and submits the consolidated group assignment to the teacher.

Group Reporting

A group leader assigns each member a section of a report to complete using the provided template their own tablets. The group leader can combine the completed sections together into a single group report to submit to the teacher.

Screen Sharing

Create dynamic interaction among class participants by enabling teachers and students to share content with each other on their devices using the Screen Sharing function. While sharing a screen, a student or teacher can write on it to enhance engagement in the lesson.

Quiz & Poll

Teachers can quickly assess individual student comprehension, stimulate interaction and increase interest with Quiz and Poll. Easy-to-use quiz and poll templates with various options empower teachers to create learning materials that correlate with students’ leaning needs.

Integrated handwriting

Enhance involvement and creativity by encouraging students to write, draw and interact directly on educational content using the S Pen and S Note. Students can save their notes for future reference, eliminating the need to write anything on paper.

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Innovating The Educational Environment

Innovating The Educational Environment

The Smart School solution incorporates Samsung technology into the classroom and beyond, innovating the learning experience by allowing students, teachers and parents to interact more easily and independently than ever before.

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Introducing Samsung Horizontal Solutions

Introducing Samsung Horizontal Solutions

This wide range of mobile business solutions that are compatible with Samsung GALAXY devices can help organisations boost their productivity and efficiency by giving their employees the tools they need to perform key operations on the move.

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Inspiring Greater Educational Freedom
Case Study

Inspiring Greater Educational Freedom

The European School of Internet Professions (EEMI) has successfully integrated GALAXY Tabs into their educational infrastructure to innovate the teaching approach and give students greater security and independence.

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