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The Samsung Smart Survey is a solution that helps you create, manage and display paperless surveys wherever you are, allowing to work more efficiently when on the move. It is a time- and cost-saving solution which enables you to design surveys more quickly and easily than ever and ensuring that they provide accurate, critical, up-to-date information. Once customer responses have been aggregated, the m-Survey tool helps you assimilate the entered results in real-time that you can analyse and use to make well-informed decisions on the move.
Convenient and Flexible Survey Solution
Convenient and Flexible Survey Solution
This solution helps you create a variety of surveys and gives you the option of incorporating an engaging mix multimedia including text, images and even video clips. Conditional surveys ensure that respondents are presented with subsequent questions matching previous answers, bringing you more relevant data. This solution enables you to manage collated information at a glance, and even to delegate fieldwork to individual interviewers. New surveys can be conducted both on- and offline, giving you greater flexibility, and all results are transferred to the server where statistical data is produced in real time for immediate analysis.
Creative, Logical and Critical Surveying
Creative, Logical and Critical Surveying
The Samsung Smart Survey is quick and simple to use and offers your business a host of advantages. You can create a survey on- or offline using text or multimedia content. The survey is uploaded to the server, ready for the interviewer to pick up remotely from their smartphone or tablet. Your teams can perform the survey and present respondents with subsequent questions that follow logically from their previous answers, ensuring that the data collated is consistently useful and relevant. The completed survey is then transferred back to your business's central server, allowing you to analyse results in real time and make instant critical decisions.
• The Samsung Smart Survey lets you save on the time it takes to create, perform and analyse a broad range of consumer surveys
• You can increase survey participation by including engaging images and video clips to clarify questions and make them more interactive
• With this solution, you can modify surveys quickly and easily to ensure that all the data collated is valid and useful, allowing you to work more efficiently
• The m-Survey is an ideal mobility business tool as it allows you to input data which can then be analysed in real time to monitor progress and drive productivity