Enterprise Data Tools provide an extensive range of enterprise mobility solutions including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Enterprise Resource Planning ERP), Business Intelligence (BI) and other business-to-business options. These data tools will equip you with the important professional analytics that you need to make critical decisions swiftly and accurately from wherever you are. The SAP CRM Sales mobile app is of particular use to sales professionals who need a reliable solution for working productively on the move.

Business Intelligence

The invaluable Enterprise Data Tools will enhance your ability to stay informed and make crucial professional decisions when conducting business on the move. With these solutions you can collate relevant data, create reports and access analytics remotely, enabling your increasingly mobile workforce to manage business interactions and establish performance metrics wherever they are. Our range of Business Applications are adaptable to your corporate needs, giving professionals the opportunity to stay in contact with each other and to maintain efficiency when away from their desks.


The SAP CRM application for Android equips sales professionals with the tools they need to accelerate buying decisions and maximise productivity. The application lets you analyse, plan, develop and execute all marketing activities. By creating accurate forecasts and providing a single, comprehensive overview of all information necessary to manage your sales accounts, this mobile application helps you monitor the overall health of your business. It allows you to check pipeline performance and properly allocate resources to meet revenue goals. This is a key mobile tool to help you keep control of your business, wherever you are.

SAS Mobile BI

SAS Mobile BI is a tablet application that helps you view your company’s interactive reports and dashboards easily and securely, letting you work effectively both on- and offline. It can perform a range of data filtering and sorting functions, increasing your productivity by presenting sometimes overwhelming or unstructured information in a manageable way. It supports many different graph types and tables for optimal data visualisation, helping you to understand situations quickly and to make well-informed decisions.

Samsung SDS Mobile Sales Force Automation

Samsung SDS Mobile Sales Force Automation is your order management and logistics information support system. Enabling real-time product ordering and tracking, the solution streamlines CRM processes and improves efficiency, leaving more time to concentrate on your business. Your sales activities are supported by a real-time bill collection and payment system, automating the process and reducing business costs.

Micro Strategy Mobile BI

The BI (Business Intelligence) tool helps you make faster, easier and better informed business decisions at any time and from any location. It allows you to share and transform your data into intuitive, real time dashboards and reports for greater analytical insights, drawing on reporting, analysis and monitoring information to enhance your mobile enterprise performance. The BI tool is intuitive and easy to use, and can be conveniently synchronised with a number of your other mobile functions such as your calendar, maps, emails and contacts.

Gulliver Mobile Data Collection

Gulliver Mobile Data Collection is an innovative solution that allows companies and software houses to create apps quickly and independently for data collection and viewing, letting you send and receive data on your chosen smart devices. The software is straightforward to install, extremely user-friendly and gives you increased flexibility and productivity by continuing to function offline. It allows the simple import and export of data and can be easily synchronised with legacy systems. MDC has a proven record of high performance in a variety of different sectors thanks to its wide range of convenient features and functions.


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