Recycling Batteries Responsibly

  • The European Directive on Batteries and Accumulators aims to minimise the impact of batteries on the environment and encourage the recovery of the materials they contain. In the UK, regulations on the recycling of batteries and accumulators (rechargeable batteries) were Introduced in 2009. The Waste Batteries Regulations aim to significantly increase UK collection and recycling of used portable batteries from 3% in 2007 to 25% by 2012, rising to at least 45% in 2016.

  • The battery symbol on a product or on its packaging indicates that the product must not be disposed of with general household waste. Instead, it is the consumer’s responsibility to dispose of their waste batteries at a designated collection point so that they can be recycled. The separate collection and recycling of batteries at the time of disposal will help to conserve natural resources and ensure that they are recycled in a manner that protects human health and the environment. A comprehensive list of battery recycling centres can be obtained from: www.recycle-more.co.uk

  • All Samsung products that are subject to the Batteries Directive are compliant with the UK battery and accumulator Requirements. In accordance with national law, SAMSUNG Electronics (UK) Ltd is a member of an approved batteries producer compliance scheme. This scheme collects, treats and disposes of batteries on Samsung’s behalf.



  • Premium S Lens
  • Stunningly fast, constant F2.8 aperture
  • ED & XHR elements for extreme clarity
  • Advanced Multi-axis OIS
Premium S Lens
The Samsung Premium S Lens series offers high-resolution clarity with expertly rendered details, colours, and contrast for exceptional performance. Precision engineering, exacting quality control, and the latest technologies coalesce to create lenses that allow you to bring your vision to life like never before.
Premium S Lens
Stunningly fast, constant F2.8 aperture
The constant F2.8 aperture on the 50-150 mm Premium S Telephoto Zoom Lens allows for fast shutter speeds and artistic focus control throughout the zoom range.
Stunningly fast, constant F2.8 aperture
ED & XHR elements for extreme clarity
The lens contains 20 elements in 13 groups, with one XHR (eXtreme High Refractive) and four ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements for sharper images without colour fringing. This construction reduces chromatic aberration while delivering high-resolution images.
ED & XHR elements for extreme clarity

Advanced Multi-axis OIS

The 50-150 mm Premium S Lens features 4-axis control with a 6-axis sensor for detecting camera shake that enables the OIS system to make precision corrections necessary for sharp pictures at low shutter speeds. This advanced stabilisation meets CIPA's OIS 4.5 Stop* guideline, allowing you to capture drastically sharper images and higher quality video in low light and telephoto shots.
Advanced Multi-axis OIS

Samsung Hyper Shield coating (SHS)

Samsung Hyper Shield coating (SHS) on the 50-150 mm Premium S Lens offers protection against dust, moisture, fingerprints, and smears. It also prevents lens fogging caused by humidity changes. Thanks to the SHS, cleaning the lens is super easy. Get outstanding images under any circumstance with this SHS-equipped 50-150 mm lens.
Samsung Hyper Shield coating (SHS)

Custom focus range limiter

The 50-150 mm Premium S Lens features a customisable focus limiter that can be adjusted to a range you set, down to a minimum focus distance of 0.98 m. This ensures your subject comes into focus more quickly and accurately than ever.
Custom focus range limiter

Constructed to be dust and splash resistant structure

50-150 mm lens has been designed to be dust and splash resistant. This enables the 50-150 mm lens to be used in various environments in an outdoor shooting.
Constructed to be dust and splash resistant structure

Durable, top-notch design

The metal construction of the lens provides a sleek, top-notch look and excellent durability. To maximise ease of operation, controls for focus, zoom and OIS are all located in a single “function zone” on the side of the lens.
Durable, top-notch design

MTF Chart

MTF Chart

tech specs


  • Focal Length

    50-150 mm

  • Focal Length in 35 mm Equivalent

    77-231 mm

  • Lens Construction - Elements


  • Lens Construction - Groups


  • ED Elements


  • XHR Elements


  • Angle of View


  • Maximum Aperture


  • Minimum Aperture


  • Number of Diaphragm Blades


  • Minimum Focus Distance (Wide)

    0.7 m

  • Minimum Focus Distance (Tele)

    0.98 m

  • Maximum Magnification


  • Lens Hood


  • Optical Image Stabilizer


Physical specification

  • Mount Type

    Samsung NX Mount

  • Filter Size

    72 mm

  • Max Diameter

    81 mm

  • Length

    154 mm

  • Weight (Lens Only, Approx.)

    880 g


Operating Environment

  • Operating Temperature

    0-40 °C

  • Operating Humidity