The design incorporates clean and fashionable front panel with unique silver accent line adding a strong impression and a stylish touch to the whole design. Enjoy delightful lifestyle with clean and refreshing cool air provided by SAMSUNG air conditioners' Micro Plasma Ion(MPI) and Good' sleep Mode.

MPI (Micro Plasma Ion)

MPI (Micro Plasma Ion) improves your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by eliminating the biological contaminants that threaten your health such as viruses, bacteria, ticks, molds, and allergy causing agents. The MPI Zone device is the world's first generator of harmless hydrogen atoms and ions based on micro plasma discharge technology. It also functions to remove influenza and bird flue viruses, fungi, allergen particles, etc.

catechin filter

Catechin, extracted from green tea, is contained in the filter and deactivates captured bacteria and unpleasant odours.

deodorizing filter

Incorporated with activated carbon, the deodorizing filter efficiently adsorbs cigarette smoke, pet odours and other unpleasant odours.

compact size

SAMSUNG's advanced technology helped to develop new air conditioners with compact size while keeping the same performance. The overall size was reduced by at least 18%, so you will be amazed at the usable space application and more installation convenience.

good'sleep II

Innovative technology developed to control the air temperature during your sleep and maintain optimum skin temperature to enjoy a comfortable sleep and also a refreshed wake up.

silver coated evaporator

The fins of the evaporator are triple coated with environmentally friendly materials (2 layers of chrome-free silica, 1 layer of Silver coating) to ensure efficient removal of condensation and to guarantee the production of clean and fresh air.

Slim Solution

The innovative invention of SAMSUNG's new technology introduces extremely smaller size of air conditioners compared with the conventional ones. The slim solution of SAMSUNG air conditioners gives you the best solution for space flexibility.

light weight

The application of SAMSUNG's slim solution provides air conditioners not only with compact size but also with light weight. The compact size air conditioners are lighter and easy to install compared to the conventional models.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.