Best cooking performance from SAMSUNG Super Gril II contains fabulous features with great shape as well. Having a precious feast with your neighbours at your dinner party.

triple heating system _TRIO

The world first SAMSUNG's innovative added heating technology contains outstanding performance. Each Three different heating sources such as Ceramic Heater, Quartz Heater and Sheath Heater penetrate inside the food deeply and evenly. It's the best power heating system that you could ever use before.

T.D.S (Triple Distribution System)

Efficient emission of microwaves translates into better-cooked food. TDS is new technology from SAMSUNG aimed at cooking food more evenly. SAMSUNG has long been working to develop a unique wave distribution system that evenly distributes the microwaves throughout the oven. Models with this new wave distribution system will bring the benefit of more even cooking to a customer unhappy with the performance of their old microwave oven.

ceramic enamel cavity

Easy Cleaning
An exceptionally smooth ceramic enamel interior allows grease and oil to be easily cleaned off the inside walls. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth after use is all you need. This also prevents surface discolouration, even after extensive use.

High Scratch Resistance
Ceramic Enamel’s durability & protective qualities make it far more scratch resistant than other microwave interiors. When scratched with equal force, the roughness of the ceramic enamel surface increases only 7.5% compared
to 106% of the stainless.


Virtually self-cleaning, the new STEAM convection features "STEAM Clean", an innovative new system from SAMSUNG. STEAM Clean uses steam power to lift grease and grime, leaving your oven wipe-clean in just 15 minutes. Simply fill the STEAM Clean container with water and detergent. Then, at the touch of a button, the steam-cleaning process begins.

crusty plate

Do you like your pizza crispy? Then try the SAMSUNG Crusty Plate for frozen foods such as pizza, baguettes quiches, and chicken nuggets. Add the food after preheating and activate the Crusty Cook button for deliciously crunchy results.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.