Imagine a perfect condition of superior Microwave that allows you to cook the various meals more. This powerfully upgraded SAMSUNG brand new Microwave equipped as a function of grilling and convection. Experience with the massive feature for your convenience cooking.

Rapid Defrost

With this exceptional function, the brilliant feature of Rapid Defrost that provide maximum condition of heating system, frozen foods are defrosted faster and amazingly warming up briefly.

7 power levels for cooking versatility

Comes with 7 power levels, it enables you to choose the power level you desire for cooking.

Triple Distribution System (TDS)

Efficient emission of microwaves translates into better cooked food. TDS is new technology from SAMSUNG aimed at cooking food more evenly. SAMSUNG has long been working to develop a unique wave distribution system that evenly distributes the microwaves throughout the oven. Models with this new wave distribution system will bring the benefit of more even cooking to a customer unhappy with the performance of their old microwave oven.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.