A sense for cooking perfection

Samsung’s Smart Sense technology takes the guesswork out of cooking. The Smart Sensor measures the level of moisture in the food, and adjusts temperature and time to ensure perfectly-prepared dishes — no more tough, dried-out food! And the Auto Cook feature lets you choose from eight settings, so you can cook jacket potatoes, warm chilled soup, or re-heat frozen, ready-made meals — and more — at the touch of a button. With Smart Sense, you can stop worrying about under- or overcooking.

Frozen to fresh in minutes

Samsung’s Rapid Defrost feature defrosts frozen foods quickly and evenly. Return frozen foods to their freshest state with the preset settings for a range of different foods – fish, meats, veggies and cakes. Rapid Defrost determines an accurate defrost time to ensure your food is properly defrosted and ready for cook preparation.

Innovative distribution technology

Samsung’s Triple Distribution System ensures that everything from pizza to filets come out perfectly prepared and delicious every time, thanks to three microwave distribution points. This new technology evenly distributes heat to all areas of you food so your meals are evenly and precisely cooked. Now, you can enjoy professionally prepared food from your microwave.

Ceramic interior

Pure2’s durable ceramic interior creates a clean polished finish that’s easy to maintain. The Samsung Ceramic Enamel coat protects against scratches and discolouration that occur from daily wear and tear, helping retain its smooth and polished finish. And cleaning is quick and easy; simply wipe away crumbs, oils and grease with a damp cloth to make the interior shine.

Let your microwave be the chef

Allow Samsung’s Auto-Menu to prepare a satisfying meal for your family. Select a dish from a wide range of preset menus and push the button to begin. The Auto-Menu feature automatically sets the cook time and temperature so you are free to spend even more time with your family. Auto-Menu’s high quality meals will surely impress your family and friends.

Easy to control - easier to enjoy

The Pure2 dials up the convenience with its user-friendly design. Two dials with easy-to-understand icons let you quickly and intuitively set the cooking mode, temperature and time. The large control panel features a unique text LCD display that eliminates microwave guesswork — it takes you through every step of the cooking process, so you can prepare foods with confidence and with ease.

Energy Saving

Eco Mode uses less than 40% power in standby mode. Use Eco Mode and help save the environment and power as well as money!

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.