Experience the joys the new SAMSUNG vacuum cleaner, an outstanding choice for the demands of your home. A clean and healthy living space is essential to your family, and this innovative vacuum cleaner meets all expectations. Every room in the house benefits from the power and performance of your new SAMSUNG vacuum cleaner, extraordinary in every way.

easy dust blowing

The"Easy Dust Blowing"function enables easy removal of dust and debris from hard-to-reach places.

2-way parking for easy storage

2-way parking system enables user to attach the pipe onto the set during and after cleaning for easy cleaning and storage.

easy & clean dust cartridge system

Easy & Clean Dust Cartridge System enables user to easily attach and dispose of dust bag with minimal dust contact.
1. Easy Dust Disposal
Simply press on the trigger to detach and drop dusty dust bag into the dust bin.
2. Minimal Dust contact
Minimum contact with the dust ensures a cleaner and hygienic aftermath.

simple controls

Designed for maximum convenience. Just turn to control level of power.

dust full indicator

Dust Full Indicator alerts users when to empty dust bag and dust the filter. Simply change the dust bag when the indicator turns RED.

built-in accessory storage

Built-in Accessory (Dusting Brush + Crevice Tool) ensures easy access & storage without the worry of loss.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.