SC5140 is a vacuum that meets your standards of cleanliness and purity, guaranteeing a healthy space for your family and a high level of performance. Plus, you’ll enjoy greater freedom from housework and better ways to spend your valuable time.

powerful suction & compact design

E-51 series’ Powerful suction (440W suction at 1800W motor power) is the highest available among it’s price zone to ensure minimal dust escaping it’s path.

HEPA H11 filtration

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is graded by the filtration rate of 0.3μm sized particles, which is similar in size to that of cigarette smoke. E-51 series includes HEPA H11 graded filter which is capable of filtering 0.3μm up to 95%.

remote handle power control

Maximises user convenience by allowing the user to easily start & adjust the level of power from the handle based on the various types of floor surface with a fingertips control at the handle. Ergonomic design also enhances convenience during vacuuming.

easy dust disposal

Cleaning has never been easier. Simply press on the trigger to detach and remove the clothed dust bag for cleaning.

informative dust full indicator

Dust Full Indicator alerts users when to empty dust bag & dust the filter. Simply change the dust bag when the indicator turns RED.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.