Cleans Better Than Ever

Extreme 2,000W power & 380W suction

Samsung’s new powerful bagless vacuum cleaner achieve the ultimate cleaning result with its extreme 2,000W power and 380W of strong suction. It will never miss any dust on the floor.

Super Twin Chamber

If pre-motor filter is blocked by dust, the airflow through the vacuum will be closed resulting in loss of suction power. Airflow system of Samsung Super Twin Chamber is designed to minimise dust overflow so that it can keep its maximum suction power for a long time. Super Twin Chamber offers 20% longer lasting suction power than conventional.

Silencio Force Brush

Samsung Silencio Force Brush is designed for maximising suction power by modifying airflow of nozzle. This ensures no remained dust on the floor after vacuuming. Also, its slim design & soft bumper prevent furniture from scrat-ches or damages. Unlike to conventional fur bars, Silencio Force Brush is adopted special material bars and this ensures no dust sticking on the bottom plate and fur brush.

Easy to Empty

Through Super Twin Chamber, you can experience simple & easy disposal process. All you need to do for emptying dust bin is just to twist and empty it without risk of spilling dust.

HEPA H12 Filter

Rambo VCC8820 is attached with HEPA filter which ensures cleaner exhaust air. It provides better protection against allergens.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.