How Water Plays a Role in Hygienic Aqua-Cleaning?

Aqua Cyclone - Bringing Water and Air Together for the Ultimate Filtration

The innovative Aqua Cyclone and only one of its kind, uses air and wind to collect dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris. Aqua Cyclone then utilises the natural filtering properties of water to create a whirlpool of water, wetting and absorbing dust chamber contents, not only making more efficient use of dust chamber space, but not allowing it to be released back into your home. With Samsung Aqua Cyclone technology, you’ll be cleaning more efficiently than you ever imagined.

World’s First Aqua Multi Chamber For a Multi Level Filtration You Can See.

The revolutionary Aqua Multi Chamber filtration system lets you see for yourself as debris collected by the Aquatic VCD9450 gets filtered not once, like conventional vacuum technology, but multiple times for an absolutely thorough clean. Aqua Cyclone provides the first level of filtration. Notice, then, as the soiled water leaves the main chamber and is filtered clean, clear, and uncontaminated, on its way to the 4 adjacent chambers - all happening right before your eyes, thanks to multi-level aqua (or water) filtration only available in the Aquatic VCD9450 from Samsung.

Allergy Care+ - True Allergy Removal for Cleaner Air.

When you combine two powerful, leading-class technologies like Aqua Cyclone and the Aqua Multi Chamber, what you get is better performance for true allergy care - not only allergens from dust mites, pet dander & hair, but also pollen and fungi, helping the Aquatic VCD9450 achieve international certifications (SLG, BAF) for allergy care. Add to that a world-class HEPA filter that catches any left-over dust or dirt particles ensuring, clean, hygienic exhaust air, and you’ve now got a cleaner home to live in, and cleaner air to breathe.

Easy-to-Empty - Open, Lift, Pour.

When it’s time to empty the dust chamber, do so quickly, and without any spillage - the magic number is 3. First, open the vacuum cover; second, lift the chamber cover; third, pour out the contents. It’s that easy. And Unlike conventional vacuums, there is no dust build-up inside the grill or chamber, you won’t have to inhale a cloud of dust while you’re emptying.

Easy to Fill - Simply Pull the Lever for Perfect Water-Leveling

Once water fills the main chamber, its unique design allows the water to be automatically dispersed into the four adjacent chambers. If you fill the chamber past the recommended amount, no need to empty and start over - with the One-Touch Water Level Lever, just pull, and watch the excess water empty out the bottom, bringing the water level exactly where it needs to be.

Stylish, Sophisticated, See-Through.

Aquatic VCD9450 comes with the unique and futuristic water-drop design, making it the perfect complement to its hygienic aqua-cleaning capabilities and made of see-through plastic, the Aqua Multi-Chamber lets you see the clean as it happens. Its compact design allows it to follow close when it’s time to clean, and tuck away neatly, when it’s not.

Easy-to-Clean - Just Rinse With Water

In conventional vacuums, dust builds up in and around the filter and chamber. In the Aqua Cyclone, water completely wets the dirt and debris so they are unable to scatter when you’re rinsing. The shaft of the main chamber pops out, too, for easy rinsing and cleaning of both filter and chamber.

HEPA Filter for Cleaner Air, Healthier Breathing - It’s Reusable, Too.

The detachable, washable, reusable HEPA filter not only provides the healthiest, purest, most thoroughly filtered air by catching micro dust, allergens and other air-borne particles , but was also designed to make your cleaning experience stress and maintenance-free. Distinctly separated from the vacuum’s main dust chamber, the HEPA filter stays dry and doesn’t need cleaning after every use. Save time and energy when the time does come to clean the filter by simply lifting it out, rinsing with water, drying and re-attaching - no wasted money on extra parts or replacements, so you can use and reuse over and over.

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