Virtual Guard TM

- Virtual guard makes an invisible fence across your room (up to 4m) and you can choose 1 of mode option – Virtual Fence or Virtual Guide.
- Virtual Fence: Prevents NaviBot goes to specific area like valuable furniture, pet bed etc
- Virtual Guide: Designates cleaning order

It quietly goes about its way

While the NaviBot-S is vacuuming, you can chat on the phone, read a book or watch television —in the same room! The NaviBot-S features Samsung’s Air Path Technology, which reduces irritating noise and makes it one of the quietest vacuum cleaners around. It’s so quiet, you may find yourself looking up to see if it’s still on.

Knows where to clean and where not to

Virtual Guard™ gives you two convenient options to protect your space. By pressing just one button, you can activate the Virtual Fence that prevents NaviBot from entering areas where you might have valuable furniture, a pets’ bed or anything else you want the NaviBot to steer clear of. Or you can choose Virtual Guide mode. It cleans your living room and then moves onto the next room—and then the next room after that—all according to your designated order.

Cliff Sensor

STYLE9 There’s no need to block off your staircase to prevent the NaviBot-S from tumbling down. The cleaning robot has three Cliff Sensors that can detect the edges of steps and other deep areas, so it steers away from potential falls -- preventing damage to itself or breakage in your home.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.