Laundering your clothes with SAMSUNG's Carefree wash not only saves you time, but it preserves the longevity of your clothes. Providing extra care to soft and delicate garments that are highly susceptible to damage, we leave you with the peace of mind that all of your clothes will be washed as clean as the day you bought them.

easy iron

Less ironing is needed as SAMSUNG's carefree wash safely cleans your soft, delicate clothes and easy-care fabrics. Developed by SAMSUNG's globally recognised digital process technology, the Easy Iron function is a specialised laundry program that will help to reduce wrinkles on your delicate garments, freeing up the time you would have spent on ironing.

innovative 4D (Digital Detergent Dissolving Device)

The revolutionary 4D system is available through SAMSUNG's Big Wash series.

The 4D system directs detergent into a chamber where it is quickly dissolved. This concentrated mixture is then sprayed. Throughout the wash, it ensures an even and thorough penetration of detergent throughout the wash for more efficiency.

space saving & big drum

With a bigger capacity drum, the bigwash 4D series allows more garments to be washed in one go, meaning fewer loads to wash the same level of washing as a traditional 5kg capacity drum. And thanks to SAMSUNG's advanced engineering the bigwash 4D series also fits under a standard 60cm counter without protruding from the work surface, making it unnecessary to place it in the dusty garage or utility room.

shower spinning

Conventional rinsing can leave detergent residue behind in the wash. The shower spinning feature sprays jets of water into the wash during the spin cycle, ensuring that whilst the detergent is being washed through, it also drains away.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.