Now there’s an easier way to do input on your Android device. The slim and stylish BKB-10 keyboard uses Bluetooth 3.1 wireless technology to quickly and easily connect to your Android Device without the use of cables. Plus it features an Island keyboard design, enabling fast and accurate typing.

Slim and Stylish Wireless Keyboard

Stylish and superbly efficient, the Samsung’s Bluetooth keyboard makes using your Android device effortless!
Provide hotkeys that enables you to use certain features while the keyboard is connected to your Android mobile.
Only 275 x 125 x 15mm and 259g in size, the BKB-10 wireless keyboard is incredibly easy to carry around and provides trouble-free use anywhere you take it to, turning any space into a working and playing area.

A Smarter Way To Communicate

The Bluetooth 3.1 technology ensures fast and reliable connection between your keyboard and Android device, without the hassle of connected cables. And with an omni-directional operational range of up to 10m, you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity at a distance.

Easy Operation

Making life even easier, the Samsung Bluetooth keyboard has an island keyboard design for accurate typing, and when using with your smartphone, you have additional function keys which integrate with the Android OS.

Longer Battery Life

Worried about running out of power? Don’t be! Samsung’s Bluetooth 3.1 keyboard uses the latest Bluetooth technology to maximise power efficiency.