In one compact and stylish form, Samsung’s newest GALAXY Y Neo packs a mighty punch in a pocket-friendly mobile.
Powered with the most advanced features including Jelly Bean OS, powerful CPU, fast internet browsing, and a host of cutting-edge innovations.
This mobile proves that great things DO come in small packages!

Intelligent Feature

Motion UI
Motion UI uses simple intuitive motions to do common tasks (such as turning the phone over to mute or shaking the phone to refresh of update contents)

Unique Multimedia Feature
Unique features fine-tune your multimedia experience by ensuring volume level is uniform in playback

Free Music & Quick Memo
- FM Radio recorder lets you capture your favourite songs for free for playback on demand
- Jot down memos while you are talking on the phone

Powerful Performance

Newest Android OS
Jelly Bean, Android’s Newest OS features the smoothest experience with fast Chrome browser with accurate Google searches, silky transitions between apps, and more

Powerful CPU Feature
Powerful CPU handles all your computing needs on your mobile – with fast processing, easy multitasking and effortless performance

Fast Internet
Connection to the internet is faster than before – on the broader Wi-Fi or fast uploading through HSUPA