Game On. On the Go.

Transform ordinary moments to those of legend with the unrivaled game play of GALAXY Player 4.2. With a display so expansive, your games become epic adventures no matter where you are. And with movies, music, and social communication in the mix, it’s pure multimedia experience on the go

Native EA Premium Games

Whether you show off your skills on the pitch or track, GALAXY Player 4.2 has you covered. Preloaded with FIFA 2012 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Better yet, you also get access to 3 premium trial and purchase demos ready for download. It’s time for a gaming experience like no other.

Gyro Sensor

GALAXY Player 4.2’s not only fun, but smart. The gyro sensor transforms your games into completely immersive experiences. You just might miss the subway.

Quality SoundAlive™ fidelity

Sometimes you just want to kick back and enjoy without earphones. GALAXY Player 4.2 comes with front speakers producing high quality SoundAlive™, fidelity that transforms your movies and games into epic events.

Vivid 4.2” Display

With its vivid and bright 4.2” display, GALAXY Player 4.2 brings movies and games to life like never before.

Instant Music Mode

One press of a button is all it takes. Control your music without missing a beat with earphone button controls. Press once and be immersed in your favourite music, instantly. Press twice, and you’re on to your next big hit. Only GALAXY Player 4.2 can offer you this kind of instant gratification.

Video Calls

Enjoy various video chat applications using front camera in speaker phone mode. Everything you need to not just hear but see all your loved ones, instantly.

Smart View

Want to grab a snack or take a bathroom break during your TV program? No sweat, your GALAXY Player 4.2 can play whatever is on TV wirelessly. Want to change channels? Go ahead, you can watch multiple channels simultaneously on TV and your GALAXY Player. And with Smart View, use your GALAXY Player as your universal remote control - search channels, browse the web, even play games. Complete with multilingual support, relaxing on the coach has never been so easy.

Drag & Play

GALAXY Player 4.2 is open to many types. Avoid time-consuming conversion & encoding processes. Simply drag files of any format to play & enjoy immediately.


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