Ultra-slim and ultra-elegant, the ToC design is inspired by the artistic integrity of hand blown glass. The translucent charcoal grey gradation of the bezel and cobalt blue hues of the clear crystal neck subtly shift in colour depending upon external light conditions, creating an exquisite interplay between the monitor and the environment that it is placed in.

Full HD 1080p purity

When you view images in Full HD 1080p you aren’t merely watching, you are actually experiencing. Images are saturated with rich, realistic detail, complete natural colour coverage, and fast, fluid motion, allowing you to partake in entertainment like never before.

stylist Crystal Neck

The exquisitely tapered clear Crystal neck makes the monitor screen looks float in the air. With its delicate cobalt blue hue it gently accentuates the charcoal grey ToC gradation on the bezel and embodies the principals of modern beauty and minimalist elegance.

extra energy efficient

By using energy saving technology, we have been able to reduce power consumption without loss of picture quality. Using up to 33% less energy than conventional monitor, the impact of this environment friendly technology really adds up, saving your money and the world fossil fuel on a daily basis.

faster clearer images

With a phenomenally fast response time of 2ms, blurring, ghosting, and trace effects are a thing of the past. Even the fastest action scenes are presented with a purity of picture that appears natural, seamless, and smooth.

more style more space

The ultra-slim 30mm depth not only creates more style in less space but also ensures exceptional all round efficiency. Up to 50% slimmer than traditional monitors, the modern, organic contours gently accentuate the elegance of your lifestyle and home.

dynamic colour, dramatic detail

The phenomenal 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast ratio achieves immaculate image integrity. Through intelligent automatic backlight adjustment, deeper black and brighter white tones are created, enabling every image to be presented with rich, realistic colour and dramatic depth of detail.

touched by starlight

With a touch, monitor function buttons appear with a soft, mellow Starlight glow. In contrast with the pure black beauty of the organically contoured bezel, the Starlight buttons allow you to enjoy elegant interaction with the monitor and then back to invisible again.

100% VOC free

The dual injection molding technique used to create the ToC finish emits no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and uses no lead based paint, making a monitor that has zero environmental impact from the day it is made right through to the day it is recycled.

complete viewing option

Optimised for movies, games, and Windows Vista, the 16:9 format not only enhances the enjoyment factor of entertainment, but also enables a more efficient work environment to be created. 16:9 fits images into the screen so that they appear natural and comfortable to the eye.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.