ATIV Book 9 Lite TSP

ATIV Book 9 Lite TSP

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite. Incredibly thin and powerful
  • Slimmer and
    Incomparable Design
  • Lightning-fast
  • Samsung
  • Styled in
    Black or White

Slimmer and Incomparable Design

With its slim (17.4mm) and lightweight (1.58kg) design, ATIV Book 9 Lite is the perfect
on-the-go companion. Smaller and lighter than a paperback book, you can always
stay connected. It’s the device that will take you where you want, no matter where you
need to go. When the world’s your office, your productivity is boundless.

Lightning-fast Performance

Thanks to its reliable Solid-State Drive storage of 128GB,
it boots up in 8.0 seconds, or 2.0 seconds from sleep, for
immediate multi-tasking performance. Its instant respon-
siveness means that you can turn your ideas into action at
once. Now, there won’t be any lag time between you and
your goals.

Samsung SideSync

Samsung SideSync connects your GALAXY device
with ATIV PC, wirelessly or via cable connection, so
you can seamlessly transfer files. You can also easily
control both your ATIV PC and GALAXY devices using
just your PC’s mouse and keyboard. Experience a
truly connected and mobile life.

Styled in Black or White

Whether you choose the sleek white or glossy black option,
the ATIV Book 9 Lite will be the ultimate stylish choice.

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