SAMSUNG 22X PATA DVD Writer supports powerful over speed performance which allows writing with the high speed of 22x on a low cost 16x media. Our aerodynamic frame design helps to reduce the acoustic noise. You will be amazed how quiet when the drive is running.

SpeedPlus™ power speed technology for 22x writing

- Powerful over-speed support.
- Low noise and vibration control system for high speed.
- Optimized algorithm for fastest speed.

firmware live update

Automatically upgrades the latest firmware version through internet by continued support of newer media.

double OPC (Optimum Power Control) in DVD+R

- Usually the outer side of the disc has lower writing quality because of the vibration and swaying of the disc makes the servo signal worse.
- Double OPC technology enables to check not only in the inner but also in the outer side of the disc, optimizing the laser power on each area in order to perform the most reliable writing.

S.A.T (Speed Adjustment Technology)

Diverse quality discs in the market. But just click to burn with no worries when you use SAMSUNG WriteMaster™ smart enough to write in the most optimized speed for the disc automatically.

prevents buffer under run error and enables high speed writing

- Buffer under run occurs in high speed writing, when speed is faster than data transfer speed.
- Buffer under run technology prevent the buffer under run error and it enables multitasking on the PC.
- Supports high speed writing even in low performance PC.

RoHS compliant (eco-product)

SAMSUNG develops technologies to design eco products excluding harmful materials to human body, such as Pb, Cd, Cr+6, Hg, PBBs and PBDE for the protection of human health and the environment.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.