Samsung PDP TV F8500
Producing picture that is best in quality Samsung SMART TV

Producing picture
that is best in quality

Samsung Plasma TV Series 8 is redefining how the colour black is produced. Cutting-edge features like Real Black Pro help to produce blacks that are richer and deeper than any other TV on the market today. The Super Contrast Panel enhances the screen’s brightness to match the deep blacks produced for the sharpest contrast and most vivid images possible. And its Magnum Design Concept makes the TV look like it’s sculpted in pure metal, with the body and stand crafted in harmony.

Premium picture quality at its finest

Premium picture quality at its finest

Samsung’s New Panel Technology enhances brightness while Real Black Pro ensures the deepest black possible, displaying the
best contrast from any plasma TV out there. You can now get clear motion in picture with Motion Judder Canceller.
There’s nothing to stop you from enjoying your favourite shows and channels.

A unifying metal design for
your TV

A unifying metal design for your TV

Samsung’s F8500 Plasma TV comes with a unifying,
all-encompassing metal flow design that is sure to com-plete your home. Advancing beyond the typical formulas to design previous TV stands, the shape of the screen is considered to be Samsung’s latest great invention. Its uniquely sculpted body with metal finish makes it looks like a piece of art. In this most recent concept, the strength and style of the metal is emphasized, ensuring a stunning look that refines your household.

The most advanced way to control your Smart TV

With a revolutionary voice command recognition system and intuitive motion sensing, the Samsung Smart TV engages you in a futuristic and effortless enter-tainment experience. So when you want to relax, and you can’t find the remote, all you need to say is "Hi TV" or wave your hand and the F8500 will let you perform a variety of commands like change the channel and raise or lower the volume.

motion Play
motion Stop
Samsung Smart TV is an Evolutionary TV

Samsung Smart TV is an
Evolutionary TV

In this fast moving world it is hard to keep our technol-ogy up-to-date. Smart Evolution takes away this worry by helping you keep your Smart TV up-to-date. The easily installed chipset upgrades the key components of your TV to make sure you can experience the most cutting-edge entertainment experience, without buying a new television. * Evolution Kit, sold separately.
* Evolution Kit improvement levels are limited to year of launch and application availability.
* Actual performance may vary and subject to model specs and hardware limitations.
* Evolution Kit pictured is a representation. Does not reflect actual appearance.

Smooth and detailed images

Setting new standards for Samsung Plasma TV, the F8500's Quad Core Processor and Super Contrast Panel keeps the picture bright and detailed under a wide range of lighting conditions, while Real Black Pro and Black Optimiser automatically adjust to prevailing light levels to provide outstanding full high definition pictures. Images remain amazingly smooth and detailed thanks to Motion Judder Canceller that tracks fast-moving elements and inserts suitable frames, and 600Hz Subfield Motion that flashes up to 600 frames a second onto the screen.

AllShare streams favourite content to your TV… and beyond!

A way to share content without wires, AllShare lets you stream movies, photos, music and other files from compatible devices to your Samsung Smart TV, even when you're away from home. Share within the home over Wi-Fi or use Samsung Cloud storage, which grants you the freedom to roam yet still have access to all your favourite content, wherever a Wi-Fi or 3G network is available. You can also use AllShare Mirroring to stream content – like a video or game, music clip or photos – from compatible mobile devices up onto the big screen for everyone to enjoy. (Additional devices sold separately. Image for illustrative purposes only.)

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