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Samsung mobile devices, wearables and other related technologies and services (collectively, our “Mobile Devices”) offer a wide range of features including those allowing users to monitor and improve their fitness and well-being, improve their user experience, make mobile payments and control their Mobile Devices with voice commands. When you use our Mobile Devices we collect, use, share and store your information in the ways described in the Samsung Privacy Policy. This Supplement provides additional details about how we use that information to provide our Mobile Device features.

Standard Information about your Mobile Device

When you activate your Mobile Device or use its internet connected features, information is collected. This includes information about your Mobile Device, such as your IP address, OS version, regional and language settings, and IMEIs and other unique device identifiers. It also includes information about how, when and for how long you use your Mobile Device.

As described in the Privacy Policy, we use standard information about your Mobile Device for operation, maintenance, and improvement purposes and may share standard information about your Mobile Device with business partners such as your wireless carriers, or with service providers that provide services on our behalf.

Third Parties

Please note that when you use a feature provided by a third-party, including your wireless carrier, that provider may collect or receive information about your Mobile Device (e.g., its IP address and device identifiers), the requested transaction (e.g., your request to buy or rent the content), and your use of the application or service. Samsung is not responsible for these providers’ privacy or security practices. You should exercise caution and review the privacy statements applicable to the third-party websites and services you use.

Specific Features

Please note that one or more of the features described in this Supplement may not be available to you depending on your model version, your service provider or where you live.

Samsung Health

The Samsung Health application, connected applications and associated accessories (collectively “Samsung Health”) is an all-in-one companion designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle. With Samsung Health, you can track your everyday activities; get coaching to reach your daily fitness goals and milestones; and measure and manage factors such as your heart rate, SpO levels, and stress level.

The purpose of processing data for Samsung Health is to provide the service or feature that you request, including data back-up and sync services for Samsung account users, to provide data analysis and statistics to enhance your wellness and to improve Samsung Health itself and its offerings. Data can be collected either through sensors on your Mobile Device or when you actually enter your own data into the applicable Mobile Device or related application or accessory.

Further information on the way we process your information is described in the Samsung Health Privacy Notice, viewable in the Settings menu of the Samsung Health application.

Enhanced Features

Enhanced Features is a bundled set of services designed to simplify and improve the ways in which you can share and connect with your friends. With the currently available Enhanced Features for example, you can share your profile and view images from your friends using Profile sharing; and easily share files with your friends using Simple Sharing.

To provide Enhanced Features, we will need to collect your phone number, information from your contacts list and access to messages.

You have the choice to disable Enhanced Features in its entirety, or in the alternative, you can pick and choose which of the services you wish to use, by visiting your Profile in your Contacts of your Mobile Device. In addition, based on how you choose to use Enhanced Features, you can choose what categories of data you will share, as well as which friends to share with.

Interactive and Customised Services

Samsung Mobile Devices are designed to be nimble, easy and intelligently anticipate your needs and preferences. Just like with friendships, the more that you learn about a friend’s interests, tendencies and inclinations, the better you can cater to your friend’s individuality. For example, if you know that your friend does not like chocolate, but you were to buy them a chocolate birthday cake, that would not make for a very good friend. The same would be true for us in that, the more we learn about our individual user’s needs and preferences; we can provide better and more likely tailored, interesting and useful services and features.

In the case of our Mobile Devices, if you choose to opt-in and enable Interactive and Customized Services, one simple benefit would be not having to input data again and again. Instead, we can make better use of past instances and anticipate what you may want to input without being asked repeatedly. A more complex benefit may the ability to offer recommendations, services or content based on your past usage information. For example, if we learn from your application usage information that you are very interested in sports, information, offers or hints about sports are more likely to be relevant for you and should enhance your experience with our Mobile Devices. We will base these “Interactive and Customized Services” on:

  •  Information about websites or search query terms on your browser apps;
  •  Information about applications you have accessed through your Mobile Device;
  •  Other Mobile Device usage and device information, including, but not limited to, information that identifies your hardware or software configuration, browser information, and the page(s) you request;
  •  Information about location and points of interests;
  •  Contact lists; and
  •  Voice commands and usage information regarding voice recognition features.

Please visit the “privacy” menus of your Samsung account profile or application for choices that may be available to you if you do not wish to receive Interactive and Customised Services on your Mobile Device or wish to adjust the levels of personalisation for a particular service or feature. If you disable Interactive and Customised Services altogether, then the information and content delivered to your Mobile Device may not be as relevant to you. Samsung may still collect information about your usage of Mobile Devices for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is an easy and safe way to make debit and credit card purchases using your compatible Mobile Device. To use Samsung Pay and initiate the card registration process, identification and verification data will be submitted to your bank from your Mobile Device. This includes Samsung account information and Samsung Pay usage data, device information, location information (i.e., where you are when you register your card) if location settings are enabled, and card information and billing address, which is sent to your card issuer, passing through our servers. This information is encrypted by your Mobile Device and sent to your bank over Samsung servers. We never access any card or bank details.

Once your Mobile Device has been enrolled, all transaction data is transmitted securely between your Mobile Device and your issuer and bank. Recent transaction history is available on your Mobile Device and is known only to you, your bank and card issuer. We do not collect any information on the transactions you make or the device or account used to make transactions. We may, however, aggregate and anonymize information collected regarding your attempts to make purchases using Samsung Pay to understand the way people use Samsung Pay so that we can improve it by making it more convenient and useful for our customers.

Further information on the way we process your information is described in the Samsung Pay Privacy Notice, viewable in the Settings menu of the Samsung Pay application.

Voice Services

You can control your Mobile Device, and use many of its features, with voice commands.

Depending on your model and region you can command your Mobile Device to activate certain features such as playing songs from playlist or perform web searches using S Voice. Further, you can control everything you’ve done with touch interface using your voice command. You can also receive language translation support through S Translator, dictate memos through Voice Memo or activate features while driving by speaking to your Mobile Device after enabling Car Mode.

To provide the Voice Services, some voice commands may be transmitted (along with information about your Mobile Device and its usage, including device identifiers) to a third-party service provider that converts your voice commands to text. In addition, Samsung may collect and your Mobile Device may capture voice commands and associated texts so that we can provide you with Voice Services and evaluate and improve the features.

Samsung Advertising ID

In order to make the content and advertising on your Mobile Device more relevant to you, we will collect information about your usage of your Mobile Device and services.

Information about your Mobile Device usage that is collected for the purposes of providing customised marketing will be linked to a randomised, non-persistent, and resettable device identifier called the Samsung advertising ID. You may reset your Samsung advertising ID at any time via the Settings menu on your Mobile Device and your previous usage information with respect to customised marketing will be de-linked and separated from what is collected under the new Samsung advertising ID. However, if you reset your Samsung advertising ID, the customised marketing may not be best aligned to your personal interests. You may also opt out from receiving customised marketing at any time via the Settings menu in the applicable Samsung service application on your Mobile Device.

However, even if you opt out from receiving customised marketing, it will not affect whether or not you receive other types of ads and marketing on your Mobile Devices. The only difference will be that those ads will not be based on the usage information of your Mobile Device.

Please also bear in mind that Samsung may still collect information about your usage of your Mobile Device for other purposes as described in the main body of this Privacy Policy.

[English language]: In the event of inconsistencies between the English version of this Privacy Policy and the local language translation of the same, the English version of this Privacy Policy shall prevail.