Larger Than Life Angry Birds Experience

Oct 04, 2012

Samsung brings the first motion-controlled Angry Birds TV Game App closer to consumers

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 3 October 2012 – Fun was an understatement at the Samsung Dealers ’Roadshow, as cheers of joy and excitement filled the atmosphere at High Street Concourse, 1 Utama. Samsung Malaysia Electronics, the global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, brought the Angry Birds gaming experience to the next level through its first-ever motion-controlled Angry Birds TV Game App for the Samsung SMART TV, attracting great crowds.

Children, teenager and adult Angry Birds fans were all eager to experience the Angry Birds TV Game App on the Samsung SMART TV. Despite being a highly-popular mobile game – previously played on smartphones, tablets and notebooks – playing Angry Birds through the Samsung SMART TV has certainly brought new experiences to many who visited the Angry Birds corner at the roadshow.

“It is one of my favourite games and I have a few versions downloaded on my smartphone. Though the game is the same, it is an entirely different experience and I have never played a game bysimply waving my hands to the SMART TV,” said the 20 year-old accounting student, who is an avid Angry Birds fan.

Red, blue, white, black and yellow Angry Birds – they were all launched with a few simple hand-waving gestures, making it easy to be mastered by players of all ages.

“My son was beaming with joy when it was his turn to play. We werethrilled and impressed to see how we can now play Angry Birds on TV by just waving our hands. It’s quite amazing,” claimed a mother of two, Mrs. Hew.

Apart from enjoying the highly-popular game on a larger screen, and withgreater image quality, the roadshow attendees who played the Angry Birds TV Game App on the Samsung SMART TV were also rewarded with Samsung exclusive premiums. The roadshow also featured Samsung’s latest range of audio-visual products and special promotions for consumers.

Developed in collaboration with Rovio Entertainment Ltd – developers of this hugely popular mobile game – users of the Samsung SMART TV can enjoy the game using Samsung’s Motion Control technology built within the television,enjoying a maximised, immersive and interactive TV gaming experience. With just the wave of the hand, users can control gameplay features, including initiating the slingshot and activating the unique skills of each bird.

Officially made available in July 2012, users can download the application for free from the Samsung SMART TV Apps Store. Samsung has worked closely with Rovio over the past year to apply its advanced technology to the Angry Birds TV Game App for Samsung SMART TVs. The Angry Birds TV Game App for the Samsung SMART TV is now available on all Smart Interaction enabled models – ES8000 and ES7500 – byupdating the latest firmware.

Samsung plans to offer Video-on-Demand Angry Birds animations developed by Rovio after the official app launch. The animations will be available first on Samsung SMARTTVs.

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