Samsung GALAXY S4 Hits Malaysian Stores

Apr 27, 2013

Best-in-class GALAXY S device designed to make life richer, simpler and fuller

Samsung GALAXY S4 Hits Malaysian Stores
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 Hits Malaysian Stores
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 Hits Malaysian Stores
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 Hits Malaysian Stores

Kuala Lumpur, 27 April 2013 — Samsung Malaysia Electronics is proud to introduce the arrival of Samsung GALAXY S4, a next generation handset that is designed to bring people together and enrich everyday life. In delivering a life enhanced by the device’s latest offerings, Samsung celebrates the advent of the GALAXY S4 with Malaysia’s leading operators – Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile, as well as Samsung Mobile Brand Shops.

The launch of Samsung’s highly anticipated mobile device entails the unveiling of the GALAXY S4 at a flagship outlet of each operator. Further, the arrival of Samsung’s latest innovation marks a unique occasion as Samsung delights people with a host entertaining performances and treats at partner outlets and Samsung Mobile Brand Shops to engage consumers.

Created with the understanding of what matters most in people’s lives, the GALAXY S4 is developed to redefine the way people live and maximise their fulfillment. More than that, the latest Samsung device is built to make every moment meaningful for a richer, simpler and fuller life.

“The GALAXY S4 aims to make everyday living better and reconceives how people integrate mobile devices in their daily life, making it the perfect Life Companion. This device showcases best-in-class hardware technology and software features that are borne of insights from our consumers around the world,” said Mr. Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd.

Samsung designed the GALAXY S4 as the perfect Life Companion for users to celebrate and appreciate an effortless and more fulfilling life based on areas of livelihood that matter most to people.

Meaningful Moments - Gives Greater Enjoyment

An enriched life is one marked with meaningful moments. The GALAXY S4 is designed to help people capture hallmarks of life beyond the ability of current camera capabilities and seamlessly share their special times with friends and family

Equipped with a 13-megapixel rear camera, the GALAXY S4 enables people to take pictures in several exciting different ways. ‘Dual Shot’ allows simultaneous picture-taking of both front and rear cameras, accentuating the memory acquired by capturing the expression of cameraperson as well. In eternalising each moment, features such as ‘Drama Shot’ and ‘Sound & Shot’ are also innovative features that evoke a richer and enhanced life experience for people.

Lastly, ‘Animated Photo’ instills a sense of fun in people’s lives and allows people to get creative with photos. It allows the user to take a series of shots, and pick one part of the photo to move while the others stay still.

True Connections – Brings People Together

Samsung GALAXY S4 understands the value of relationships, and enables true connections to be maintained with friends and family on-the-go. More than a personal device that can be enjoyed by one person, the GALAXY S4 allows people to easily share and experience many of life’s pleasures together with loved ones.

‘Group Play’ enables the enjoyment of music, photos, documents and games with those around them without requiring a Wi-Fi AP or cellular signal. People can connect directly with others to share, play and co-create content and entertainment instantly. With ‘Share Music’ they can have the same song playing on multiple phones in sync to create the best party atmosphere.

Effortless Experience – Enhances Mobile Usage Convenience

Smart enough to detect face, voice and motions to enable screen control without the need for finger touch activation, GALAXY S4 delivers effortless tasking, making life easier and hassle-free.

‘Air Gesture’ changes the music track that is playing with a mere wave of the hand. ‘Air View’ previews photos and emails by hovering over the screen with just a finger. ‘Samsung Smart Pause’ tracks eyesight movement, and pauses video playback when the user looks away. It only resumes playing once the user returns his or her attention to the screen.

Empowered Living - Takes Care of People’s Health and Quality of Life

The GALAXY S4 empowers lives by keeping people up-to-date with health and well-being information using the new ‘S Health’ software. The combination of sensors built within the device systematically and automatically monitors health, food intake, exercise and sleep to improve people’s quality of life.

As well as monitoring, its ‘Samsung Adapt Display’ provides an optimal viewing experience, customised for each type of application, and ‘Samsung Adapt Sound’ offers an optimal level and type of sound, personalised for each user, to further make the most out of life.

The GALAXY S4 is further augmented with capabilities to deliver a richer, simpler, and fuller life to people through enhanced ‘Samsung Apps’, ‘ChatON’, ‘Samsung Hub’ and ‘Samsung WatchON’. These content and services have been infused into the device to give people a comprehensive media experience, allowing the GALAXY S4 to be an extension of self that elevates living to a new standard.

The introduction of GALAXY S4 brings along with it a new level of seamless service excellence. With Samsung Smart Tutor, the device’s performance can be optimised through a remote access service offered by Samsung’s technical experts.

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