The Grand Finale of Samsung’s AppStar 2012

Nov 29, 2012

Harnessing the limitless innovative minds of Malaysian youth

Kuala Lumpur, 29 November 2012 – Samsung, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today concluded the Samsung AppStar 2012 challenge, a platform for Malaysian youth to compete and showcase their innovative, creative and inventive skills in formulating ideas to develop mobile applications.

The 5-month long campaign saw Samsung receive more than 3,500 submissions from over 40 universities and colleges in Malaysia, with a panel of judges shortlisting 12 finalists for today’s AppStar 2012 Finale. Among the final contenders, proposed app ideas encompass car lock notifications, location-based reminders, and a security app that protects women against crime.

After submitting their entries, participants present their idea to a panel of judges for the initial shortlisting process. The 12 shortlisted groups were then sent to a Samsung bootcamp, where they learnt vital skills in presenting and marketing ideas from industry experts, gearing them for the ultimate finale, where they will present their polished idea to a panel of judges.

Head of Mobile Phone Division at Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Vincent Chong, said, “The Samsung AppStar 2012 challenge is our initiative to incorporate the raw, creative powers of Malaysian youth in the app development process. Living in today’s ever-changing technological landscape, youths are in a prime position to contribute fresh ideas that push the boundaries of innovation while remaining relevant to consumers.

“We believe in providing unique opportunities, and the challenge gives youths a chance to showcase their creative flair in bringing ideas to life. More than that, Samsung AppStar 2012 is also our effort in cultivating the local app industry.”

According to Vincent, Samsung is looking to enhance and diversify the apps ecosystem – providing consumers with a wider selection of apps that enriches the mobile experience.

The winning group will be awarded a cash scholarship of RM24,000, and three units of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the GALAXY S III. The first runner-up will receive RM12,000 and three units of the Samsung GALAXY S III, while the second runner-up will be rewarded with RM6,000 and three units of the GALAXY S III. More importantly, Samsung is looking into the possibilities of developing some of the apps presented by the finalists, essentially bringing these ideas to life.    

For more information on the Samsung AppStar 2012 challenge, visit Samsung Mobile Malaysia’s Facebook page at