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on Aug 09, 2012

PETALING JAYA, 9 AUGUST 2012 – The long wait by readers for a book application is finally over. A partnership between the leading local bookstore in Malaysia, MPH, and the world's leading mobile phone brand, Samsung, has resulted in the MPHOnline App, an application that holds many promises for book lovers.

For a start, the app is free and can be found on Samsung Apps store. It is compatible on all Samsung and Android devices. Once downloaded, the user can start browsing for the desired book. All e-book prices are listed in US currency and upon purchase, the e-book is automatically transferred into their own personal library.

Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division for Samsung Malaysia Electronics said, “Mobile apps have grown to become one of the most important aspects of the mobile experience. Our collaboration with MPH is one of the many initiatives we have undertaken to enrich the Samsung Apps ecosystem, providing consumers with a myriad of apps to suit their lifestyle. Designed to offer users increased convenience, the MPHONLINE App offers users great variety of content within an easily navigable system.”

With new titles added on a daily basis, users would be spoilt for choice from all genres such as romance, fiction, travel, fantasy, business & management, health, law and others. More local titles too are expected to be added soon with the recent sign up of new publishers such as True Wealth by financial guru Azizi Ali and Kaki Novel. These e-books by local publishers would be a lot cheaper in comparison to physical copies.

The conversion of books to digital format here is possible due to MPH Digital, established last year as an e-book publishing division under MPH Group Publishing (M) Sdn Bhd, with the goal of publishing e-books for the local and global market. Local authors and publishers from all genres are encouraged to approach MPH with their copyright to convert their current published book into an e-book. It is hoped with the increased exposure more homegrown writers would seize this opportunity to reach the global market.

Prominent author like Tun Dr Mahathir is already on the bandwagon where his books have been turned into e-book format, extending his readership to a wider platform. Local celebrities Amber Chia and Sarimah Ibrahim are in the midst of getting their books converted. A reader in UK, US or Australia could simply purchase and read within minutes, a far cry from the long wait for a physical book order and expensive delivery charges.

“The e-book is here to stay and this is the next step in the evolution of books and publishing. We are increasingly becoming a borderless world because of the Internet. This does not mean MPH is going completely digital but it helps complement our store presence as we aim to grow the brand beyond our shores,” said Dato' Ng Tieh Chuan, Chief Executive Officer of MPH Group.

With the growing popularity of e-books especially among the tech-savvy generation, more people find it highly convenient and cheaper as opposed to traditional books. E-book does not take up shelf space and is not bulky, especially for books which are almost or over a thousand pages thick. Hundreds and even thousands of titles could be stored in just one electronic device.

MPH is the first bookstore in Malaysia to bring in e-readers since early 2010. The main purpose of e-readers is to act as a library to store all the downloaded e-books into a single device. It is well known for its high storage capability and mobility as well as its e-ink screen which looks like paper and does not strain the eyes. By late 2010, MPH was already establishing a platform for e-books on its online retail site – MPH Online, which also offers other items including stationery, gifts and toys.

The wide selection of English, Malay and Chinese books, gifts, toys, games and stationery comes with excellent deals and discounts. Revision books and dictionary too are available, making it easy for busy parents today to shop for their children’s school needs. In MPHOnline, all non-book items including gifts and gadgets are listed under, the perfect place to shop for a gift. Furthermore, readers will also find that purchasing e-books from MPHOnline has its own advantages. The hassle of driving to a bookstore, braving the traffic and scouting for parking is easily replaced by a few simple clicks online.

With so much change happening in the book industry of late, MPH is certainly on the right track in spearheading the local bookstore brand to a worldwide community and uplifting the brand to international standards. For the latest update and happenings of MPH, follow mphclick on Twitter and Facebook.