[Galaxy Tab A] How do I create and delete a calendar event?

Last Update date : 2015.05.26



The Calendar application makes it easy to manage all of your scheduling on the device. You can add an event directly to your online account for easy synchronization.

To access the calendar, from the Home screen, touch Apps 1 > Calendar 1 . Touch to view your calendar by Year, Month, Month and agenda, Week, Day, or Agenda. The default is Month view.

Create an Event

1. From a Home screen, tap Apps 1 > Calendar 1 .

2. Tap Add and enter details for the event.

3. When finished, tap SAVE.


Delete an Event

1. From a Home screen, tap Apps 1 > Calendar 1 .

2. Tap to view an event and tap DELETE.


Share Events

1. From a Home screen, tap Apps 1 > Calendar 1 .

2. Tap an event to view it.

3. Tap SHARE and tap a sharing format.

4. In the Share via window, tap a sharing method and follow the prompts.


Create a Task

Tasks are items you add to the calendar to be accomplished on a certain day. A task appears as a checklist item and is removed once you mark the task as complete.

1. From a Home screen, tap Apps 1 > Calendar 1 .

2. Tap the drop down menu in the top left corner (by default, the Month and Year are shown) and tap TASKS.

3. Tap the Enter new task field to enter a new task.


4. You can choose to set the task for TODAY, TOMORROW, or tap the Expand icon to view and set the following options:


Due date: Tap the ON/OFF switch to select a date on the calendar for the task.

Reminder: Tap to set a reminder alert.

Notes: Tap to save a note with your task.

Priority: Tap to assign a priority to the task.

5. Tap SAVE to save the task.

Delete a Task

1. From a Home screen, tap Apps 1 > Calendar 1 .

2. Tap TASKS to view your tasks.

3. Tap the checkbox by the task to mark it as complete and remove it from the calendar.

4. To delete the task permanently, tap the task to open it, and then tap DELETE.


Calendar Settings

These settings allow you to modify settings associated with using the Calendar.

1. From a Home screen, tap Apps 1 > Calendar 1 .

2. Tap MORE > Settings.

3. Tap an option and follow the prompts.




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