STEP 1 Black popup displays during internet via Chrome

Last Update date : 2017.08.02

On internet via Chrome in my device, blackup popup screens are often displayed. It's very inconvenient and what should I do for the problem?

Some user may encounter black popups on screens as shown below which caused inconvenient during internet browsing using Google Chrome.



This is not faulty of your device but a issue of Chrome by itself.

If the Chrome version Is Ver 28.0.1500.94 or later, this scenario may occur.

Please use the Chrome browser after updating to the latest version (Ver 31.0.1650.59).

Press the Previous button to find out steps to update Chrome.



Please press Previous button to obtain an alternative way to update Chrome.

If your Chrome is old version, button for update will be displayed when accessing the Chrome. At that time, please tap the Update button.



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