A powerful cleaning machine, the Samsung SC96 series cylinder vacuum delivers impressive performance. Don’t be surprised by how thoroughly clean your floors will get — the SC96 maintains long-lasting suction power. The Super Multi Chamber System separates and traps over 99%‡ of dirt and dust removed from your floors. The Silencio Force Brush attachment helps the SC96 series earn a higher pickup efficiency rating than conventional vacuum cleaners. And an easy-to-empty dustbin ensures that all of the collected debris ends up in the garbage, not back on your floor.

Batterijen verantwoord recyclen

  • De Europese richtlijn over batterijen en accu's heeft tot doel de gevolgen van batterijen en accu's op het milieu te minimaliseren en het hergebruik van de materialen die ze bevatten te stimuleren. In the UK, regulations on the recycling of batteries and accumulators (rechargeable batteries) were Introduced in 2009. The Waste Batteries Regulations aim to significantly increase UK collection and recycling of used portable batteries from 3% in 2007 to 25% by 2012, rising to at least 45% in 2016.

  • Het batterijsymbool op een product of de verpakking geeft aan dat het product niet bij het gewone huisvuil mag worden weggegooid. In plaats daarvan is het de verantwoordelijkheid van de consument om lege batterijen op een daarvoor aangewezen inzamelpunt in te leveren, zodat ze gerecycled kunnen worden. Het gescheiden inzamelen en recyclen van batterijen op het moment van weggooien draagt bij aan het behoud van natuurlijke grondstoffen en zorgt ervoor dat de batterijen gerecycled worden op een manier die veilig is voor mensen en het milieu. Een uitgebreid overzicht met inzamelpunten voor lege batterijen kan worden opgevraagd via: www.recycle-more.co.uk

  • Alle producten van Samsung die onder de richtlijn voor batterijen vallen, voldoen aan de eisen in het VK ten aanzien van batterijen en accu's. Conform nationale wetgeving is SAMSUNG Electronics (UK) Ltd lid van een goedgekeurd batterijen producent nalevingsprogramma. Namens Samsung zorgt dit programma voor het inzamelen, behandelen en weggooien van batterijen.

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  • Ultimate Separation, Perfect Cleanliness

Easy to use, easier to empty

Easy to use, easier to empty
After vacuuming your entire home, the last thing you want is to spill any dust back on the floor. Simply remove the dustbin, twist open the cover, and empty the contents right into the garbage. No fuss, no mess. Making life even easier are a smart ball-bearing design that helps you easily navigate around furniture, and a longer power cord that lets you reach every corner of the room.

An attachment that opens up suction power

An attachment that opens up suction power
The Silencio Force Brush modifies the airflow of the nozzle so you experience maximum suction power at all times. It’s also made of special materials that prevent dust from sticking to the bottom plate, so you don’t have to spend time cleaning the attachment. A soft bumper protects your furniture from chips and scratches.

Breathe cleaner air

Breathe cleaner air
Enjoy cleaner floors — and cleaner air! The HEPA13 filter traps at least 99.9% of dust particles as minuscule as .3 microns, which conventional vacuum cleaners can recirculate back into the air. Even if you’re not an allergy sufferer, you’ll appreciate cleaner exhaust air that’s free of sneeze-causing allergens.

Make vacuum time quiet time

Make vacuum time quiet time
Imagine being able to listen to music while vacuuming, or cleaning downstairs while your children sleep peacefully upstairs. The low-noise structure and Silencio Plus Brush help limit noise to only 75 decibels—quieter than a casual phone conversation! You also won’t hear the irritating high-frequency noises that can be caused by airflow throughout a conventional vacuum.
Powerful suction that never ends

Powerful suction that never ends

The unique Super Multi Chamber System helps you clean your home more efficiently. Powerful cyclonic air movement within the larger chamber generates a tremendous centrifugal force that shunts dirt and debris into a dustbin. A second centrifugal force produced in the smaller chamber continues to separate micro dirt and dust. This prevents clogging and suction loss. Even the placement and diameter of the chambers have been specifically designed to optimally separate and trap dirt, dust and debris.

tech specs


  • Modelcode
  • Type
    Stofzuiger zonder stofzak
  • Introductie
    November 2012


  • Max. verbruiksvermogen
    2200 Watt
  • Zuigkracht (max.)
    380 Watt
  • Geluidsniveau
    74 dB



  • Capaciteit
    2 liter
  • Stofopvang
  • Cyclone Force™
  • Twin Chamber Systeem™


  • Snoerlengte
    9 meter
  • Bereik (M)
    12 meter
  • Automatische snoeroproller
  • Motion Sync Design™
  • Stofsensor
  • Furniture Guard
  • Accessoires in handgreep
  • Handbesturing

Speciale Borstels

  • Parketborstel
  • Huisdierenborstel
  • UV-borstel

Fysieke Kenmerken

  • Kleur
  • Gewicht
    3,7 kg
  • Hoogte
    50,7 cm
  • Breedte
    29,3 cm
  • Diepte
    27,6 cm