Transform the way you watch television with the 3NOW TV App, only available on a range of Smart TVs and Home Theatre Systems made by Samsung. With just a few clicks of your remote you can catch up on the latest full episodes of your favourite TV3, FOUR & 3 News programmes. And best of all, the whole family can watch on the big screen of your TV.


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What is TV3 On Demand?
TV3 On Demand is an online video On Demand service offered by TV3, FOUR & 3 News. It offers a variety of programmes loved by New Zealanders as seen on these channels.
What is the 3NOW App?
The 3NOW App (Application) allows you to watch TV3’s Video On Demand service from your Samsung Smart TV or through the Smart Hub of your Samsung Smart Audio device (Smart Home Theatre System, Smart Blu-ray Player). The App’s interface has been designed for Samsung Smart TV and Audio devices so all it takes is just a few clicks to watch your favourite TV programmes on the big screen!
Does it cost to download the 3NOW App?
No. The App is free to download from the Samsung App Store on Samsung Smart TV and Audio devices.
Can I access TV3 On Demand or 3NOW on other devices?
Yes, TV3 On Demand can be accessed through on PC and Mac computers that feature a web browser and have an internet connection.

However if you want to watch TV3 On Demand on the big screen of your TV, Samsung is the only TV brand that has the 3NOW App, which means you’re just a few clicks away from watching your favourite TV3 programmes on the big screen.
Is there a subscription charge for the 3NOW App?
No. There are no subscription charges for the 3NOW App service.
Are there internet costs for accessing the 3NOW App?
Charges for data usage by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) are not included or covered. Please contact your internet service provider regarding data charges.
What Samsung Smart TV or Smart Audio devices is the 3NOW App compatible with?
The 3NOW App is available on selected 2013 Samsung Smart TV models, selected Smart Blu-ray Players and selected Smart Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems which feature the Smart Hub interface.

Click here to view what models the 3NOW App is available on.
General Trouble-shooting (EG How do I connect myTV to the internet?)
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To quickly start using the 3NOW App, follow these steps:

1. Check if your device is compatible.

Click here to find out if your Samsung Smart TV or Smart Audio device is able to access the 3NOW App.

2. Ensure your device is connected to the internet

A broadband connection is required to enjoy the 3NOW App.
Click here to learn how to connect to the internet.

3. Enter Smart Hub to search and download the 3NOW App from the Samsung App store.

1. Press the Smart Hub or Smart button on your TV’s remote control to bring up the Smart Hub interface.
2. Scroll to the Apps panel using the arrows on your TV remote.
3. Enter the Samsung App Store by clicking on "Samsung Apps".
4. Locate the 3NOW App under the “What's New” or “Video” sections. Click the 3NOW App to download.
When the 3NOW App is downloaded, the 3NOW icon will appear on the Apps Panel of SmartHub, so you can easily access the App when you want it.

4. Find and watch a TV programme.

When in the 3NOW App, use the arrows on your TV remote to find the programme you want to watch and press the "Enter" button. The selected programme will begin to play.