Why Samsung Electronics

"Inspire our world,
create a global future"

At Samsung New Zealand, we are permanently committed to creating a truly global leadership culture that is as diverse and vibrant as the markets we serve, and the products we make.

With our unique breadth and massive global reach, our people can bring joy to others through Samsung phones, media & entertainment.

With our ability to predict the next big wave (and create a few of our own), joining Samsung Electronics New Zealand will put you in touch with the future and help keep your career at the forefront of tomorrow's technology.

We are looking for outstanding global talent and future leaders, who are vital for us as we grow and evolve into a truly global enterprise. We are on the cusp of the next chapter in our history. So join us. Make a real contribution to shaping our future, and bringing the next big thing to life.

If you are interested in job opportunities at Samsung Electronics New Zealand, please contact our HR team on jo.lal@samsung.com



During recruitment, job applicants should be careful not to infringe trade secrets of the company for which they have been working.