The Benefits of a Samsung LED Monitor

Dec 20, 2011

Discover what Samsung LED* monitors can bring to your home or home office. You’ll learn what’s new, what’s great and why it matters. With high performance, advance picture quality, and ultra-slim designs, Samsung LED monitors can change how you use your computers.

*Samsung LED displays utilise LCD screens with LED edge lights.


All light is not created equal. Take the sources that light up your monitor.

LED backlighting is a new technology that delivers many benefits including being efficient and high in quality. Samsung’s advanced LED-lit monitors are brilliant examples that utilise the advanced LED technology.

Why Samsung LED Monitors are a Smart Choice

Samsung LED monitors produce high picture quality for watching movies playing the hottest games, and working on presentations. Because LED lights are locally dimmed, you can dim certain areas of the screen while keeping other areas bright. The result is a high contrast ratio, which creates an advanced picture quality.

The thoughtful design is slim and light which helps you to save on space and makes them easy to disassemble.

Samsung LED monitors are a great way for you to enjoy exceptional performance, and great reliability.