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  • Business Tablet Samsung Enterprise Tablets

    Samsung Tablets mark a shift from a consumption device to a productivity tool for the modern workforce.
  • Business Tablet Exceptional business functionality

    The new Samsung GALAXY NotePRO lets business professionals view and manage tasks with ease. An exceptional device that lets users view, complete and manage business content and tasks with ease.

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Case Study
Saving Lives Through Tablet-Based Ultrasound Technology
In the medical world, it’s known as the “golden hour.” The sixty minutes following a traumatic injury or emergency that can make the difference between life and death. Sixty minutes in which the faster a patient receives medical treatment, the more likely they are to survive.
Case Study
Samsung Smart Play-Board
An example of Samsung italy working with a local University on an innovative solution The story of a young digital artisan – attending Samsung Maestros Academy Master’s Degree course at IED Milan – whose idea has already become an experimental project for developing the full potential of every child, under the scientific endorsement of the Department of Humanities at Macerata University

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