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    A rapidly changing world requires new approaches to education that empower our students with 21st century skills.


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A teacher monitors and directs the discussion happening on the shared screen from her tablet.
Interactive teaching for high engagement
Samsung School is a solution that integrates Samsung tablets with interactive software. With their own tablets, students can see and take handwritten notes on the content that is also up on the large communal screen. A small group can easily divide and recombine work between each person’s device, or six students can write on one device together. The Samsung MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) connects with student devices for a shared learning experience.
A teacher scans the list of students on her tablet to track attendance.
Easy classroom management and personalized learning
Samsung School lets teachers easily track attendance, behavior, assessments and progress, helping them plan for each individual student’s success. In addition to quizzes, they can also poll students on the spot to determine students’ needs
A teacher reviews materials on his tablet and prints them out nearby.
Collaborative content creation and lesson planning
Using the Samsung School platform, teachers can post lesson plans and teaching materials. Colleagues can view them instantly, give feedback and share materials of their own, contributing to a pool of resources and best practices. Samsung Cloud Print enables teachers to prepare relevant and timely handout materials on the spot.


Croatian Ministry of Education
Innovating The Educational Environment

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