VMware Mobile Virtualisation Platform

Thanks to the VMware Mobile Virtualisation Platform, your business can rely on one single telephone for both personal and corporate use. Increasing numbers of people wish to use their own smartphones for work purposes, presenting new IT challenges linked to security, compliance and ease of management. Our solution enables administrators to safely and easily support staff-owned devices without compromising on performance in any of these areas. This approach is economical and productive as it allows the use of personal phones for business, reducing capital expenditure and operational costs.


∙ Increasing ARPU by two different data plane. ∙ Security enhancement: Isolate corporate data and personal data. ∙ Standardise employee's corporate profile according to IT manager's willing.
Secure And Efficient Mobile Virtualisation

Secure And Efficient Mobile Virtualisation

By enabling users to isolate business data from personal data, this solution brings enhanced flexibility to your workforce. It activates a corporate infrastructure in a virtual machine, creating two profiles – work and personal – on one standardised device. Using Type-2 (Hosted) Virtualisation, administrators can install a virtual platform as an application of the existing operating system. Our VMware MVP simplifies the management and synchronisation of IT systems, saving time, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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