Camera WB150F

Indoors or outside, up close or far away — with the Samsung WB150F, you're always ready to capture life's special moments as they happen, so you can treasure them forever. The 24mm ultra-wide lens and 18x optical zoom ensure that you capture exactly what you want in the frame. Samsung's 14.2 megapixels means that even the smallest details will be reproduced with professional quality. Whether you're shooting stills or recording 720p HD video — the WB150F lets you relive memories perfectly.

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

PC Auto Backup

Select the PC Auto Back up icon on the camera, the WB150F will find your PC wireless network and upload your photos and videos. No more messy cables.

Remote Viewfinder

Using WiFi direct technology you can create a WiFi connection between the camera and a compatible Samsung smartphone. By downloading the Remote Viewfinder App to your compatible smartphone*, you can then control the camera with your compatible smartphone including the zoom, flash and take a photo wirelessly.
* Internet connection required. Data download and usage charges may apply.

Are you a person
with a big vision
18x Optical Zoom

The serrated, snow-capped peaks of a mountain range — your eyes take it all in, and so does your new Samsung WB150F. 18x Optical Zoom, helps to bring the intimate details closer, so you can capture a Golden Eagle launching into flight. Whether wide-open vistas or detailed close-ups, the WB150F lets you get the shot you want. But it has to be steady too. That's where the WB150F's OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) comes in handy. The very second you shoot, the image is stabilised. So even if your hands are a little shaky, OIS will help to stabilise the photo.

Get a whole new view
24mm Wide angle lens

Get more from your lens, no matter what the scene, whether shooting a memorable landscape or the gang's reunion around a restaurant table. By using the precision-cut WB150F's 24mm wide-angle lens, you will instantly cover a whole-horizon field of view. Now, you can capture memories of landmarks and landscapes, entire wedding parties in full scale. No need to back up

Sharing & Saving, simply
Wi-Fi Connectivity

With Built-in Wi-Fi capability, you can share lots of your special and exciting moments on the move. Send photos by uploading to Facebook®, Picasa®, Photobucket® or email directly from the camera through Wi-Fi connectivity*. You can also upload videos to YouTube® then sit back to wait for the raves**. The WB150F lets you upload photos to cloud*** service while on the go and is great for when you have limited memory size. TV Link feature allows you to wirelessly display your pictures on a large TV screen. You can also save the images to your compatible PC by just one click with Auto Backup feature (one time initial set-up is required). No more searching for the cable, it is that easy.

* Internet connection required. Data download and usage charges may apply.
** Samsung does not approve use of this feature to infringe copyright laws.
*** Cloud storage requires separate registration with a third-party storage provider. Usage is subject to service provider agreements. Internet connection required. Data download and subscription charges may apply.

Get full control
Full Manual Mode(A / S / M)

Full Manual gives you the ability to take complete control and capture the photos exactly as you want them to be. Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority settings let you experiment with shutter speeds and depth of field, so you can shoot fast-moving images in low light. With Samsung cameras, your creativity counts.

When it comes to brightness, it's brilliant
3.0" hVGA LCD

Its 3.0" hVGA LCD provides excellent contrast and colour reproduction, which allows you to enjoy a wide and clear images. And its hVGA LCD brightness automatically detects environmental illumination and adjusts the LCD brightness for optimal image viewing. It does the thinking for you, which makes the WB150F a smart choice.

Make your own video
720p HD Video Recording, H.264

The WB150F artfully combines a professional-grade still camera with a compact HD video camera. You get 720p HD quality video at 30 frames per second. Use the 18x zoom to get up close and vividly personal. SoundAlive, is Samsung's special zoom noise reduction technology, which helps create vibrant sound recordings.

The simple way to go pro
Smart Auto 2.0

Smart Auto 2.0 turns fleeting moments into perfect memories with professional-style results. Whether it's friends at fairwell party or moonbeams reflecting off the water, Smart Auto 2.0 (still and video) analyses key elements in the composition and automatically adjusts its 16 photo modes and 4 video modes to capture the best shot. And since life never stops moving, the camera's object tracking feature captures subjects that just won't stand still.

See all of it before you shoot it
Live Panorama

With Live Panorama, you can practically capture the whole wide world without having to step back! Live Panorama lets you see the final image in advance, so you know you're getting the picture you want. It's as simple as holding down the shutter button and sweeping the camera across the scene.

Show both sides of the story
PIP (Still / Video)

A Picture in Picture Shot lets you insert one image or video within another to capture the full, glorious story you want to share. Snap a picture of a friend bowling a strike, and then combine it with an image of everyone cheering the score.

Combine images, and have a fun Split Shot

With Split Shot, you can merge up to three different images to create an artistic statement - turn yourself into a centaur by combining a self-portrait with a picture of a horse. Let your imagination loose and enjoy the fun.

More fun, More creative Smart Filter 3.0

Boost creative fun with the Smart Filter 3.0 – right on the display! Cartoon filter makes any photo look like an cartoon animation while Cross Filter makes light sources appear to have several points of light, like stars. There's also Ink Painting, Half-tone Dot and more ways for you to express your creative side.