The exterior of the NX1000 is impressive.
The modern and sleek body adds elegance and sophistication to this camera.

20.3MP APS-C Sensor

Customised for the NX System, the professional-grade, 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor can produces exceptional images . Each individual pixel has a large sensor area and receives lots of light, high dynamic range and exceptional colur differentiation. The high sensitivity allows you to shoot during low-light situations with minimal graininess.

Light, yet powerful to the touch Simple Emotional Design

The camera is extremely portable and the perfect travel companion. The lightweight body is easy-to hold while shooting stills or videos. The exterior of the NX1000 is just as impressive. The modern and sleek body adds elegance and sophistication to this camera. The body of the NX1000 is available in three different colours, while the lenses are available in two. What's more, the easy to use interface make using the NX1000 a pure joy.

Discover the true beauty of HD video 1080p Full HD Stereo Movie Recording

Built with 1080 30p Full HD movie recording capabilities, the NX1000 helps transform shooting video with a still camera into an art form. Choose from a wide range of viewing angles and zoom with confidence. The mirrorless CMOS image sensor offers precise auto focus even while you shoot.* The NX System has an 18-200mm lens designed for Full HD video.
*Actual performance may vary based on surrounding environment.

The simple way to go pro Smart Auto 2.0

The NX1000's Smart Auto 2.0 automatically analyses the shooting environment and then chooses the appropriate scene mode for great results. Smart Auto 2.0 analyses key elements in the composition and automatically adjusts, choosing one of its 16 photo modes and 4 movie modes to capture great shots.

A camera that's quick on the draw High Speed Capture

The NX1000's High Speed Capture capabilities let you catch fleeting moments and fast-moving objects without requiring a separate sensor module. The NX1000 features a high speed Auto Focus. Its-advanced algorithm delivers fast and accurate auto focus. The NX1000 can shoot at 8 frames per second for great continuous shooting.

Wide Range ISO for outstanding Wide Range ISO (12,800, 7 steps)

Wide Range ISO makes nearly any lighting situation a great one. The ability to shoot as high as ISO 12,800 at normal settings means that even in low light, you'll get great tonal gradations and true colours.* You'll also capture clear, crisp images of fast-moving objects.
*Actual performance may vary based on surrounding environment.

i-Function 2.0

The i-Function 2.0 system makes it easy to adjust key camera settings through a single button and the value ring located on the lens, instead of the body. Designed for the novice and expert alike, i-Function 2.0 lets you quickly choose the settings that best fit the moment—and your expertise.

Smart Filter Selective Colour

Smart Filter 2.0 options make it easy to create special moods. Choose the Tilt Shift Lens Effect for a miniaturised look, the Vignetting Effect for striking contrasts, Half-Tone Dot for a comic-book look, and more. With the Selective Colour feature, you can also choose the colours you want to emphasizse.

LCD Display

The 3-inch LCD screen on the back of the NX1000 provides an outstanding, almost glare-free way to review your photos. The wide and bright screen reproduces the images to help them look as they truly appear.