Samsung's Built-in kitchen appliances are designed with a host of innovative features to save time, energy and space. With Samsung home appliances, experience the wonders of smart appliances that take your life to another level of easier living. Create your life with refined beauty and cutting edge technology of Samsung Electronics. The latest innovative technology combined with the stylish looks is considered the 'Smart Thinking' of Samsung. With Twin Convection™ you will be sure to save time and energy by being able to cook two dishes at once with different temperatures and time settings. Smart Thinking, Simple Living.

Two is Better than One - Twin Fan + Airvection technology

Dual fans are twice as efficient with twice the satisfaction! Twin fans spread heat evenly throughout the oven. With a Samsung Electric Oven all your dishes are cooked evenly and carefully, ensuring the best taste possible from the first serving to the last.

Ceramic Enamel Interior

Ceramic enamel is a non-stick and highly scratch resistant surface. It also combines an anti-bacterial coating so that bacteria and food particles can be wiped away easily, leaving your oven hygienically clean.
Benefit 1: High Scratch Resistance
• Ceramic Enamel’s durability & protective qualities make it far more scratch resistant than other microwave interiors.
• When scratched with equal force, the roughness of the ceramic enamel surface increases only 7.5% compared to 106% of the stainless steel.
Benefit 2: Anti-Bacterial Coating
• The Ceramic Enamel surface is coated with Elvan- an extremely fine-grained, near-dense rock.
• The inner coating acts as excellent anti-bacterial agent and deodoriser that eliminates germs.
Benefit 3: Easy Maintenance
• The other benefit of ceramic enamel is easy maintenance. The smooth ceramic enamel interior allows grease and oil to be easily cleaned off the inside walls with just a quick wipe with a damp cloth. This also prevents surface discolouration, even after extensive use.

Large usable space - 65L capacity

Only in a super capacity 65-liter Samsung's Electric Oven can you safely and successfully roast a large 24-pound turkey, ensured that not only is it cooked thoroughly, but that it’s cooked flavourfully.

Soft Door System

Our light weight oven door is designed for ultimate safety and reliability. It has a soft and smooth open / close feature so you don’t have to be Hercules to open the oven anymore.

Stylish Pop Out Dial

Our stylish pop out dial is easy to use and easy to control.

Digital LED Display

More than a pretty face, our trendy easy-to read digital display is quick and easy to use. Don’t waste time squinting at old mechanical dials. Get our digital display!

Square Ceramic Tray

A combination oven for the perfect combination! The microwave function cooks evenly without a turntable. It’s the stirrer fan that does the job, so you can cook larger portions anytime you want.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.