The Samsung S Series is built with great features and capabilities. The S series is an innovative approach to display stand design due to its ability to house circuitry and other devices within its casing. This facilitates a slim design and minimises the amount of loose cables and wires. The S series can also be wall mounted, providing businesses with great versatility and interior design options. The S series model comes in three different screen sizes and two different models to suit individual business needs.

All-in-one design

Samsung's innovative Cloud Display integrates a zero client into the LED* screen. Its contemporary and innovative design ensures that keeping your work environment clean and tidy is simple. The benefit of not having a separate zero client box is that you can use your desk space in a productive manner. These innovative features come together exceptionally for an all-in-one design that helps increase desktop space.

* Samsung’s LED displays utilise LCD Screens with LED edge lights.

VMware Certified PCoIP Cloud Display

Innovative PCoIP technology allows consolidation of most of your IT resources into a data centre, and provides high-performance computing via the IP network with minimal reduction in performance or information. This provides a virtualised set of hardware to the operating system and it lets you run multiple virtual machines. At the desktop, the integrated PCoIP portal decompresses and distributes video, audio and data contents while preserving high performance and virtually real-time graphics.

Access to exceptional graphics

Exceptional graphics are enabled by the PCoIP protocol, giving users access to full performance graphics from VMware View enabled virtual machines. Full 3D modelling graphics are also available when using PCoIP enabled workstation platforms or PCoIP Host cards in standard PC’s in conjunction with a GPU.

Security you can trust

Consolidate “almost all” of your resources on the data centre and deliver your applications and data over LAN / WAN via an encrypted protocol PColP to your zero client. Access your critical data and applications while they are maintained and controlled in the data centre.

Little Maintenance

Because all software and data is stored on the centralised host platform, the network is easy to install and easy to maintain.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.