Adding a secure workstation is as simple as adding the Samsung NC240 23.6" LCD monitor. This integrated All-in-one monitor features PC-over-IP® technology, as an alternative to the traditional desktop PC, and means you sacrifice nothing and gain efficiencies when working directly from the central server. The NC240 is the secure way to better manage your business without compromise.

Access to superior graphics

Superior graphics are enabled by the PCoIP protocol, giving users access to full performance graphics from VMware View enabled virtual machines. Full 3D performance is also available when using PCoIP enabled workstation platforms or PCoIP Host cards in standard PC’s in conjunction with a GPU.

VMware Certified PCoIP Cloud Monitor

Innovative PCoIP technology allows consolidation of IT resources into a data center, and provides high-performance computing via the IP network without reduction in performance or information. Providing a completely virtualised set of hardware to the client operating system. It lets you rus virtual multiple machines seamlessly. At the desktop, the intgrated PCoIP portal decompresses and distributes video, audio and data contents while preserving high performance and real-time graphics.

Full USB device support

With 4 USB ports and USB device support, users can access a wide range of USB peripheral devices directly through the monitor, enhancing connectivity whilst maintaining the security of the system.

Security you can trust

As software and important information is all stored on centralised host platforms, the entire system is secured against viruses, information leaks, and internal and external attack.

Low cost, low maintenance

All software and data is stored on the centralized host platform, time and money spent on managing the system is vastly reduced, enabling the creation of a network that is easy to install and easy to maintain.

Real-time graphics

Through hardware decoding a wide variety of content can be supported from video using any CODEC all the way to high performance 3D content when using a PCoIP enabled workstation platform.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.