With its dual hinge and 'Plug and Play' connection, this detachable video camera accessory is easy to install. It supports Motion Control2 and allows you to make Skype calls in 720p high definition quality. With two microphones and a unique lens cover for extra privacy, the STC3000 has a minimal design, made to flatter your Samsung TV. 0 5 0 reviews

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At a Glance
  • Add Motion Control2 to selected Samsung Smart TV models.
  • Skype call while watching TV.
Skype your friends

Skype your friends

With built-in Face Recognition4 and Motion Control2 capabilities, the Samsung TV Camera also has a face-tracking feature, where the camera recognises the faces of your Skype callers and automatically centres them in the video window.
Don’t miss a moment of the action

Don’t miss a moment of the action

Make Skype video calls on your big screen, without missing a moment of onscreen TV action. The Samsung TV Camera opens up a window for the video, but keeps another window open alongside so you can still watch what's playing on television!


  • Bit Rate16bit
  • FormatPCM
  • MIC DirectivityUni-Directional
  • MIC Sensitivity< 39dBA RMS
  • MIC SNR68dBA
  • Number of MIC2ea
  • Sampling Rate- 24KHz


  • Voltage5V 0.5A
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  • LED TV2013 F4500, F5300, F5400, F5500, F5700, F6200 ~ F6900, F7100, F7200 2012 EH4500, EH5300, EH5450, ES5500, ES5700~ES6900 (Except ES6003), ES7100 2011 D6500 and above (32"and above)
  • Plasma TV2013 F5500 2012 E550, E6500, E7000 2011 D8000


  • FormatH.264 Base Line Profile
  • Maximum Frame Per Seconds30fps
  • Maximum Resolution1,280 x 1,080
  • Myself Frame Per Seconds30fps
  • Myself Resolution640 x 480


  • Embedded ISP(Image Signal Processor)Yes
  • Interface to BackendMIPI 2-lane
  • Resolution5.0Mpixels


  • Digital Zoom4X
  • FocusFixed
  • Piece4 Plastic
  • Real FOV(Field of View)65.5° (Horizontal)


  • InterfaceUSB 2.0

Skype Certified

  • Skype CertifiedYes


  • Set (g)113.0g
  • Package (g)176.5g


  • User ManualYes
  • USB CableYes
  • USB Cable ClipYes


  • Main ChipsetAIT8453
  • Operating ModeReal Time OS
  • Memory SystemStacked 128Mbits


  • TiltingSupport
  • Tilting Angle+10 - -30°C
  • Method of Mounting on TVHanging with Dual hinge


  • Set (W x H x D) (mm)60 x 12 x 122
  • Package (W x H x D) (mm)80 x 168 x 35

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