Producing outstanding picture quality

Samsung Plasma F8500 is built with technology that redefines how the colour black is produced. Cutting-edge features like Real Black Pro help to produce blacks that are rich and deep. The Super Contrast Panel enhances the screen’s brightness to match the deep blacks produced, for sharp contrast and vivid images. And its Black Flow Design makes the TV look like it’s sculpted in pure metal, with the body and stand crafted in harmony.

Impressive picture quality

Samsung’s New Panel Technology enhances brightness while Real Black Pro ensures the colour black is deep and rich, displaying dramatic contrast between colours. You can now get clear motion in picture with Motion Judder Canceller, allowing you to enjoy your favourite shows and channels with a clear, crisp picture.

A unifying metal design for your TV

Samsung’s Plasma F8500 TV comes with an all-encompassing metal flow design that unifies the screen and base. Advancing beyond the typical formulas to design previous TV stands, the shape of the screen is considered to be Samsung’s latest great invention. Its uniquely sculpted body with metal finish has been designed to look like a piece of art. In this recent concept, the strength and style of the metal is emphasised, ensuring a stunning look to compliment your household.

An advanced way to control your Smart TV

With a revolutionary voice command recognition2 system and intuitive motion sensing2, the Samsung Smart TV engages you in a futuristic entertainment experience. So when you want to relax, and you can’t find the remote, all you need to say is “Hi TV”2 or wave your hand2 and the F8500 will let you perform a variety of commands like change the channel and raise or lower the volume.

The gateway to a revolutionary entertainment experience

Get in right where the action is. Samsung’s Smart Hub1 creates the best environment for top notch entertainment. With three advanced and easy-to use panels and an intuitive Smart Hub UI flipping motion2, Smart Hub 2.01 allows you to search and access content quickly and easily. Access apps5 available on Samsung Smart TV like TVNZ Ondemand and Youtube. Share content on Facebook and Twitter with friends. Enjoy and access photos, videos, and music from all compatible devices.


Most popular content.
Stay in the center of your social circle with the Smart Hub 2.01 Social Panel. The Social Panel lets you see your friends’ favorite video clips through Facebook and Twitter, and even allows you to make video calls through Skype9.


Selections based on your previous viewing preferences.
Enjoy access to all of the apps5you’ve come to expect from a Samsung Smart TV by downloading through Samsung Apps. Enjoy Apps such as TVNZ Ondemand and Youtube. You will be able to store all of your favourite apps5 on the Smart Hub 2.0’s1 Apps Panel so you can quickly access them.

Photos, Videos & Music

Selections based on your previous viewing preferences.
Access all your favourite content in one place using the Photos, Videos & Music Panel of Smart Hub 2.01. Use Allshare7 to create a wireless home network so you can enjoy content from compatible devices, like a PC or Camera, on your TV.

Samsung Smart TV is an Evolutionary TV

In this fast moving world it is hard to keep our technology up-to-date. Smart Evolution takes away this worry by introducing the Evolution Kit6 - a chipset that upgrades the key components of your Evolutionary TV, so you can experience new features without having to buy a new television. The Samsung LED F8000 is Evolution Kit6 enabled.

Powerful multi tasking with Quad Core Processor

Enjoy increased performance with an upgraded Processor. The Quad Core Processor boosts your Smart TVs ability to multi task quickly. Download and use an App5 at the same time, without experiencing slow down in either activity. You'll also experience quick response time when using the Voice2 and Motion2 Control features, as well as fast downloads.

Draw numbers with a fingertip to change channels

Forget scrolling through channels or pressing lots of buttons to find the one you want. Samsung’s Smart Control features an enhanced ultra-sensitive touchpad that let you select your channel simply by drawing its number with your finger. It also features touch-sensitive ridges that make it easier to scroll up and down web pages as well swipe side to side to flip through TV’s Smart Hub1 different categories. Now you can enjoy smarter and more intuitive control at your fingertips.

1Smart Hub requires internet access and may not be available based on service provider, language, dialect and region. Data and subscription charges may apply. Certain features may not be available without express consent regarding the collection and use of personal information. Certain advertised features, applications and services may not be available on all models and regions and are subject to change without notice.

2Smart Interaction (Voice Control, Motion Control) performance may vary depending on language, local dialect, pronunciation, voice and ambient noise and light levels, distance and hand motion. Features may not be available in all languages, dialects and regions. Certain features may require firmware upgrades. Internet connection required. Data & Subscription charges may apply. Smart Touch Control (remote) may be required to use Voice Interaction in some compatible Samsung Smart TV models.

5Certain apps must be purchased and may not be available in all regions. . Apps may need to be downloaded. Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply. Usage subject to third party service provider agreements.

6Evolution Kit sold separately. It will enhance your smart features to the levels of the corresponding year of launch of your Evolution Kit, and will continue to partially upgrade the software of your TV. Evolution Kit may not support certain apps and functions previously installed or available on your TV, including camera and other features. Please check for more details before installing Evolution Kit. Evolution Kit released in 2013 is compatible with 2012 ES8000, ES7500, E8000 and ES9000 TV’s.

7AllShare (Content Sharing): To share content inside the home, other compatible DLNA products must be connected to the home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Some products may require DLNA software to be installed. To store content on the cloud, Allshare may require separate registration with the third-party service provider. Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply. Usage is subject to service provider agreements. Allshare App with cloud storage feature is only available on Selected Samsung devices. AllShare (Mirroring): To use AllShare Mirroring, the compatible device and the Samsung Smart TV must be in close proximity.

9Skype requires in built camera or accessory camera (sold separately) to video call. Skype firmware updates required for face recognition.