DW60H6050FW Dishwasher, 14 place settings

35 minute Quick Wash mode Hygienic rinsing mode minimises bacteria Flexible third rack adapts to your load
Energy Star

Energy Star

Digital Leakage Sensor

Digital Leakage Sensor

Front Display

Front Display

Cleans dishes faster

A 35 minute Quick Wash can be used to clean dishes very rapidly at 50°C. It’s perfect for small loads of lightly soiled dishes, so you don’t have to wait to fill up the whole dishwasher.*

Cleans dishes faster | Dishwasher Samsung  NZ

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Hygienic rinsing

A Hygiene button provides sanitary cleaning to minimize bacteria. Its cleansing final rinse heats the water up to 70¡ÆC and maintains this temperature for a few minutes, so dishes come out hygienically clean.

Hygienic rinsing | Dishwasher Samsung  NZ

Flexible loading

Our unique third rack is designed to bring full flexibility regardless of size and shape of cutlery and cooking utensil. With the simple slide-in and out operation, you can easily place various types of items.

Flexible loading | Dishwasher Samsung  NZ

Automatically efficient

An Auto Wash cycle ensures that your dishes are cleaned efficiently. A sensor detects how soil your dishes are and automatically adjusts the washing, rinsing and drying times to help minimise water and energy.

Automatically efficient | Dishwasher Samsung  NZ


An Anti-fingerprint finish helps ensures it stays spotlessly clean. This special coating reduces fingerprints and other marks, and they can be easily wiped clean if they do appear

Anti-fingerprint | Dishwasher Samsung  NZ

Adjustable upper basket

Tall pots, wide platters and oversized plates are no problem with a quick and simple height adjustment of the upper rack, either up or down, Samsung DW6050 dishwasher can accommodate most size items.

Adjustable Upper Basket | Dishwasher Samsung  NZ

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