Genuine Samsung toner cartridges are designed to allow your Samsung printer to produce high-quality output. Here’s how to identify a genuine Samsung toner cartridge.

How to identify a genuine Samsung toner cartridge

  • • Confirm that both the cartridge and packaging carry the Samsung logo.

  • • Make sure that neither the cartridge nor the packaging is labelled "refurbished" or "reconditioned." Even if it’s not labelled as such, a refurbished or reconditioned cartridge can sometimes show signs of physical damage on the outer plastic case. For example, you may see worn or damaged screws, visible use of adhesives, surface scratches, and the like.

  • • Check to see that the cartridge has a CRUM (Customer Replaceable Unit Monitor) chip.

  • • Be sure that the cartridge has a Samsung model and serial number label.

  • • If you’re using a Samsung network printer, type the printer’s IP address into a web browser. This will load Samsung’s SyncThru Web service, which will tell you whether your cartridge is a genuine Samsung cartridge. You can also download software to access SyncThru from the Samsung website.*

Samsung also make it easy to identify a genuine toner cartridge by looking at its security label. Look for the security label on all Samsung supplies and take three easy steps:

1.Tilt the label. The colour should change from clear to cyan.

2.The embossed characters on the label should change colour between red, gold, and blue when viewed from different angles.

3.Feel the embossed characters. They should have a noticeable texture.

For additional assurance, purchase from an authorised Samsung retailer in person, such as the retail location where you originally purchased your Samsung printer.You can also visit Samsung’s Printer Supplies & Options Select the type you need on the left-hand side of the page. Scroll through the listings to find the kind that works with your printer.

Printing with genuine Samsung toner cartridges will help protect the life of your printer and produce great looking documents every time.

*Internet connection required. Data download and usage charges may apply.