Samsung’s DualView cameras make it simple for anyone to jump out from behind the camera and into their own memorable moments. With the dual LCD screens (front and back), it will help you perfectly capture that special photo-op whenever and wherever it happens. Have fun taking photos with features that can automatically improve your image quality.

Get in the Shot

The DualView camera is social like you, letting you be a part of the photos you share each day. Snap a great shot with your friends at a party or freeze a romantic kiss to cherish forever, either way you’re part of the moment. That once-in-a-lifetime picture with your favourite celebrity has to be quick and easy so you’re not left out. Using the front LCD screen, line up the shot, all smiles, and happily show off the picture the next day.

Picture Perfect

Samsung’s Smart Auto camera mode means your camera knows what you want or how to make the picture look great even before you smile, thanks to features like:

  • • Beauty Shot - Automatically retouches images so they appear bright and smooth, hiding imperfections and dark spots on the face.

  • • Smart Face Recognition - Identifies the 20 most photographed faces and automatically adjusts to the ideal focus and exposure settings for those faces.

  • • Smile Mode - Detects when people are smiling and snaps the picture so everyone looks their absolute best.

Add Dual Image Stabilization, integrating advanced image stabilization technologies to help eliminate blur and deliver crisp, clear images in a variety of lighting situations, and your self portraits will be looking positively brilliant.

Endless Possibilities

With all this, the camera isn’t close to done. Take a look at some of the other great features of the DualView camera:

  • • HD Video - 720P high-definition video recording with HDMI output for stunning, small format video quality.

  • • Countdown Timer - Displays a countdown timer on the front LCD screen so everyone knows when to smile.

  • • Child Mode - Displays a colourful animation on the front LCD screen to capture a child’s attention and entertain for a joyful and focused picture.

All of these features on Samsung’s DualView cameras will keep you entertained while photographing yourself. Don’t miss a photo-op again because you were out of frame or messing with settings. Get out from behind the camera, get into your shots, and start taking pictures that look as amazing as you remember.