Samsung Launches Its Largest Capacity Fridge

Sep 11, 2013

The Samsung T9000 fridge-freezer provides the space entertainers need

Auckland, New Zealand – September 11, 2013– Samsung Electronics New Zealand today announces the launch of its largest refrigerator yet*, the T9000 fridge / freezer. With a massive 924L capacity - more than double the size of an average fridge** - and adjustable shelving, it’s the ideal fridge for entertaining and bigger households.

Samsung New Zealand Consumer Electronics Sales Director Jon Barrell says the T9000 is a further example of Samsung’s commitment to providing new products that meet consumer needs.

“The new T9000 fridge-freezer has been designed with entertainers in mind, giving them more space to store large food platters and multiple drinks and bottles,” says Barrell.

“Whether it’s due to growing families or busy social calendars, modern consumers need more space than they have in the past. So we have created a fridge-freezer that can accommodate more, while still being economical thanks to our Smart Sensor technology with a Digital Inverter compressor.”

The T9000 comes complete with Samsung’s full range of inventive and practical features to ensure the freshest food, including:

Versatile compartments - Cool Select Plus zone

In addition to the main refrigerator and freezer compartments, the T9000 also has a compartment on the lower right hand side which can be converted to an extra fridge or freezer. This fully self-contained space can be used to keep specialist foods separate for kids or family members with dietary restrictions. It’s also equipped with a Cool Select Plus Zone to provide total temperature control, enabling users to choose between four present temperature settings, from -23 to +2 degrees.

Triple cooling system

The T9000 uses three individual evaporators to cool each compartment separately, ensuring optimal humidity for food and food freshness, as well as limiting odour transfer.

Flexible shelf storage

Foldable and removable shelves inside the T9000 fridge can slide in and flip up to create space for larger items – perfect for storing the large dishes and bottles you need when more people are round.

Smart sensor (13 sensors)

13 Smart Sensors monitor internal and external temperatures to help maintain optimal freshness inside. During the day, when the door is opened frequently and the external temperature is high, the compressor increases its speed to cool down the internal temperature. The compressor then runs more slowly at the night when the temperature is low, humidity is high and the door isn’t opened as often.

Samsung’s largest capacity

The T9000 provides 924L capacity (ISO Gross Capacity). With a 528L capacity fridge, a 213L capacity freezer and 183L capacity in the Cool Select Plus zone, you can store all sizes and kinds of foods.

To complete the package, the Samsung T9000 is presented beautifully in a timeless, premium design so it won’t lose its aesthetic value, even if design trends change over time. The contoured body and real metal handles also add an elegant finishing touch.

The Samsung T9000 Four-Door Refrigerator is available in Kitchen Things stores in New Zealand from mid-September.

*The Samsung T9000 Fridge / Freezer is Samsung’s largest capacity fridge freezer currently available in the New Zealand market.
**The Samsung T9000 Fridge / Freezer is more than double the size of a fridge with an average capacity of 450L.

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