How to set a lock screen for the Galaxy S7

How to set a lock screen for the Galaxy S7

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For enhanced device security, when setting PIN, Pattern or Password lock, step for fingerprint setup is added. This is Google’s new concept to reinforce the device security and it’s common concept for devices based on Android OS 6.0. You can also unlock your device with PIN, Pattern or Password, even if the lock screen was set as Fingerprint.


To Set up the lock screen follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the Home Screen Tap on Apps. 





Step 2: Go to Settings then tap on Lock screen and security.


. . 



Step 3: Choose Lock screen or Fingerprints.





For Screen lock type follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select the screen Lock type. Choose either Swipe, Pattern, Pin or Password.



. . . 



Step 2: Once the screen type has been selected and set up, the notification on lock screen will appear. Select display option then tap done.




Step 3: A Use fingerprints will appear. If you tap on LATER the screen will go back to Lock screen and security and set up for Lock screen is completed. If they chose SETUP, setup for fingerprint will begin (See step 3 for fingerprints setup).





For Fingerprints setup follow the step below:


Step 1: If Fingerprints is selected early on, you will see the screen for Fingerprints. They will need to tap on Add fingerprint.






Step 2: You will be prompted to setup the screen lock type.




Step 3: Once a prompt appears, place your finger on top of the home, lift it off then repeat.




Step 4: Repeat step 3 until you reach a 100%.





Step 5: Once done you will be prompted that the setup is complete.





Compared to previous galaxy devices, Galaxy S7 has 2 steps to unlock the device when setting the PIN/Password/Pattern for lock screen.

The first lock screen now shows notification messages, this is to give more information to users on the lock screen, and second screen after swiping require to input Pin/Pattern/Password for unlocking the device. This is common concept of devices based on Android OS 6.0





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