[Windows 8] Fixing Windows 8 Boot Issues.

Last Update date : 2017.03.03

* Please note, this section is designed to give you basic product troubleshooting information, also refer to your user manual for more information. 





Checking PC Power Supply Connection


1. Verify that computer power cord is properly connected to your PC.


2. Press the 'Power' button to check the power LED.



Checking Monitor Connection


1. If your PC is connected to an external monitor,

   make sure each component has good connections.


2. Check if the external monitor is turned on,

    and then set the external monitor to the maximum brightness.


3. Press Fn + F3 key repeatedly to adjust the brightness for a laptop computer.



Resetting BIOS Setup


1. Laptop: Remove all devices that are connected to the computer.

    Desktop and all-in-one PC: Remove all devices from the computer

    except keyboard and mouse.


2. Press and hold the power button for at least 4 seconds to shut it down.


3. Turn the computer on again and immediately begin pressing

    F2 key 3-4 times repeatedly to access ‘BIOS setup’.


4. Press 'F9' key to initialize the 'BIOS' settings then press 'Enter' key.


5. Press 'F10' key on 'BIOS' settings to save and exit 'BIOS' setup.



Recovering System Files


1. Shut down the computer.


2. Turn the computer on again, run the 'Recovery' program.

   (If your system fails to access 'Recovery',

   it could be due to hardware problem.)


3. Restore the boot files before restarting the system.



Restoring Your System to Its Original State


1. If an error message still appears, press and hold the

    power button for at least 4 seconds to shut it down.


2. Turn the computer on again, access the 'Recovery' program

    to roll back to its original status (see the video SS-102(E)).




If the problem persists after going through steps 1 to 5,

it could be due to hardware problem.




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